Gentian Root Health Benefits

Gentian root health benefits are derived from the tonic extracted from the roots of this plant. The origin of the name gentian is traced back to an Illyrian king who discovered the components of this plant. This plant grows naturally in the wilderness though some thrive when planted in the gardens. The plant is usually a shrub as it does not achieve the tallness of a tree. The leaves of most of the gentian plant are always green in color while in some others the green color may fade away…

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Dandelion Root Tea Benefits

dandelion root tea benefits

Dandelion root tea benefits are derived from the rich nutritional value that this herb possesses. Though the herb is pervasive and seems to be invasive when it grows in the garden, it brings about many benefits to one’s health. The medicinal part of this plant is found in the extracts from the roots. The plant has a stem that resembles a hollow straw with a taproot that appears like a pale carrot. These characteristics make dandelion plant different from catsear and hawksbeard. The tea prepared from the root extracts of…

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Burdock Root Benefits

burdock root benefits

Burdock root benefits are numerous that gives the body necessary health and wellness. Burdock is classified among the biennial plants that thrive well in most parts of the world. This plant is easy to identify due to its unique characteristics. It has prickly heads that catch animal fur and people’s clothing leading to easy dispersal. This makes plant to be spread widely in many parts. The leaves of this plant are long, large, coarse and dark green in color. Leaves on the lower parts of the plant are heart shaped…

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Benefits of Pomegranate Juice


Pomegranate juice is derived from punica granatum tree fruit. This tree does not grow tall like other trees as it attains a maximum of 6-9m height hence being the size of a shrub. Pomegranate is a native tree of Iran region, Mediterranean and Asia. Later, it was introduced by the Spanish settlers in California, Latin America and the surrounding regions. This tree is cultivated today in other places such as central India, northern and tropical parts of Africa, Middle East as well as Arizona. The tree thrives well in the…

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manuka Honey Health Benefits

manuka honey health benefits

Manuka honey commonly known as anuka originated from New Zealand and Australia region. The honey is collected as nectar from Manuka tree by bees that pollinate the trees. This tree grows naturally in the region with the honey produced from its nectar being dark cream or dark brown in color. In late summer, Manuka tree flowers leading to production of the honey hence difficult to be confused with honey formed from nectar collected from other trees. Though the honey has been a traditional form of treatment for decades, it is…

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Mangosteen Health Benefits

Mangoesteen health benefits

Mangoesteen health benefits are brought about by the rich nutritional value of this fruit. Its botanical name is garcinia mangostana, whose origin is in Sunda Island and Indonesia. The fruit bearing tree thrives well in tropical climatic region including India and South America. When the tree is fully mature it attains a height of about 25 meters. The tree requires plenty of rainfall especially during the earlier stages of the tree as it is not drought resistant. Fruit bearing takes place when the tree is between 6-10 years old since…

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Tiger Nuts Health Benefits

tigger nut benefits

Tiger Nuts Health Benefits Tiger nuts health benefits are numerous due to its nutritional value. This nut plant has its origin in the continents that are along the Western Hemisphere such as Africa, Asia and Southern Europe. This plant grows naturally in the wilderness or planted on farms. This makes it to be considered as a weed in some regions. This plant thrives well in areas with low temperatures and low nitrogen levels. In order to have complete flowering process the plant requires shadows. The tubers bearing the nuts may…

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chanca piedra tea

  Chanca Piedra Tea Natural world is a reserve of so many antidotes that are competent enough to cure a vast number of common medical conditions that human beings have to face. Phyllanthus Niruri, also known as chanca piedra in Peru and quebra pedra in Brazil, is one such wonder herb, used as a tea, that has diuretic properties. Several scientific studies have revealed the various nutritional health benefits of this amazing herbal tea. It is best known for its therapeutic uses in case of renal issues such as kidney…

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Health benefits of pomegranate seeds

health benefits of pomegranate seeds

What are pomegranate seeds? The pomegranate seeds are from the pomegranate fruit.The pomegranate  is a red fruit with a tough outer layer; only the juice and the seeds inside are edible. The pomegranate fruit originated from Iran and Iraq but is widely consumed throughout the world.Although both pomegranate seeds,fruit and juice are all consumed this article will focus on the health benefits of pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate seeds have  plenty of nutritional benefits. They are high in nutrients  and antioxidants. Read on to learn ore about the full health benefits of…

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