Abuta Herb

The abuta herb is widely called the “midwife’s herb” because it used to treat various women’s medicinal problems. The abuta herb became known through out the west when it was introduced by Portuguese explorers in the later half of the 17th century

The abuta herb comes from a  woody rainforest  vine commonly found in Brazil and Peru but also is found throughout all of Amazonian rainforest.. The Abuta  vine produces medium sized leaves which produce an edible grape sized berries, it’s barks, root parts are used as medicines by the natives.

Medicinal Properties of the Abuta Herb.

Abuta helps to relax the uterine so it has been traditionally used to help in childbirth and to treat fibroids. For this reason, it’s included in several female formulas meant for women. However, pregnant women should only use this herb under supervision of a healthcare professional.

 Medicinal properties of the Abuta Herb

  • Traditionally the abuta herb is also used for hemorrhaging, menstrual bleeding and post natal pain, and miscarriages.
  • Ketchwas in Eucador use the abuta leaf for snake bites and conjunctivitis.
  • The tribes in Peru also use the seeds of the abuta for snakebites but also for fevers, venereal diseases, and as a diuretic.
  • Other indigenous tribes use the leaf as an oral analgetic and for fevers and constipation.
  • brew a leaf tea for rheumatism and a vine wood and bark tea to treat irregular heart beat. .
  • helps menstrual bleeding and hemorrhages
  • skeletal and muscle relaxant
  • helps to prepare remedies for high blood pressure and heart tonics


Consists of an alkaloid called hayatine. The two main derivates of hayatine are methiodide and methochloride which are strong neuromuscular blocking agents.



Other Medicinal Uses

Hypertension, Palpitation
·         Anecbolic, Antiecbolic, Aphrodisiac,

·         Asthma, Bite(Snake), Gravel, Hematuria,

·         Boil, Diabetes, Ache(Stomach), Bite(Dog), Jaundice, Leucorrhea, Nephritis, Poultice

·         Bronchitis Erysipelas, Fever Madness, Pimples, Rabies

·         Hypertension Piscicide, Purgative, Sore, Styptic Bladder, Diuretic, Dropsy

·         Cough, Cystitis, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Emmenagogue, Expectorant, Febrifuge, Fever ,Hemorrhage, Hypertension, Itch, Lithontriptic, Malaria, Menorrhagia, , Tonic, Urogenital, Stimulant, Parturition, Piscicide

·         Antidote, Burn, Chill, Cholera, Cold,  
·         Convulsion, Delirium, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Epilepsy, Eye,  
·         Emmenagogue, Expectorant, Fever, Rheumatism, Tonic, Urogenital  
·         Bladder, Calculus, Diuretic, Kidney  

Is the Abuta Herb Safe to use?

Information regarding the safety of abuta is lacking. However pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid the use of abuta due to the lack of scientific studies on its safety. Similarly  no adverse reactions have been recorded in use of abuta with other herbs and supplements. Previous animal studies have shown the abuta can lower your blood pressure, so people with low blood pressure should avoid using this herb. Always consult your healthcare provider when trying any new herb or supplement.

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