Acai Berry Benefits


acaiberryAcai Berry Benefits

Acai berry benefits contribute to the health of the body is an indigeneous fruit growing in the extensive Amazon forests. These berries are black-purple n color and tiny in size. The tree bearing these berries thrives well in a wet swampy environment which is common in Brazil. The fruit has a single seed which has a diameter of approximately 10mm. The skin of a ripe acai fruit is deep purple or green depending on the species of the fruit and its level of maturity. The fruit is perennial in nature hence producing fruits twice annually.

Preparation of the fruit for consumption

These berries can be prepared in different ways for consumption. Once they are ripe, the berries can be picked and directly eaten just like any other fruit. The berries can also be prepared as juice that should be consumed soon after preparation. They can also be fermented to make wine while other times the berries can be frozen and then dried to for a fruit pulp to be consumed when the fruits are off season. In addition, the pulp derived from the berries can be used as cooking oil.
Nutritional value of acai berries

The acai berries are beneficial to the body as they are rich in the following nutrients;
Vitamins A and C
Glutamic and amino acids
Dietary fibre

Acai berry benefits to body’s health
Acai berry benefits in the body are achieved through regular consumption of the fruit. The health benefits include;
Enhances digestive functions
The berries enhance digestive functions by ensuring that the system is clean. In addition, due to high dietary fiber content in the berries, they help in easing constipation. In this case, it is advisable to consume the berries soon after meals.
Promotes cardiovascular health
Acai berries provide wine that is similar to the red wine. They contain high levels of plant antioxidant specifically anthocyanins. The antioxidants help in lowering the cholesterol levels in the blood hence preventing some of common heart related ailments.
Enhances the health of the skin
Due to the presence of antioxidant in the fruit, the berries are essential in enhancing the health of the skin. The pulp derived from the berries is safe to use on the skin as a natural remedy for eliminating spots, pimples, acne and making the skin naturally smooth. Apart from applying the berries on the skin, intake of the berries regularly lead to a glowing beautiful skin.
Promotes weight loss
When one is on diet, these berries help in general weight loss. In this case, the pulp from the berries should be consumed soon after meals as it helps in breaking down the fats present in the food just eaten. This brings about general weight loss.
Relief respiratory irritation
When consumed regularly, the berries help in preventing and relief of respiratory irritation. This makes the fruit a good natural remedy for those suffering from asthma, allergic bronchitis and other forms of allergies.
Anti-aging effects
Acai berry benefits bring about anti- aging effects in the body. This is due to presence of phytochemicals that are effective in reversing the aging process.

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