Alligator pepper health benefits

Alligator Pepper Herb

The alligator pepper originates from North African it’s a member of the ginger family. It’s a herb that is used for cultural practices, medicine and in African cuisine.

The alligator pepper can be found in countries like Liberia, sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Togo and Cameron. It grows mainly in swampy areas on coasts.

How Does the Alligator Pepper look?

The alligator pepper leaves are similar to the appearance of bamboo leaves the tree which produces the peppers grows about 1 meter tall. The  narrow leaves are located at the base of the tree and produce enclosed flowers. The fruit of the tree is a reddish color but changes to brown when dry.

Both the seeds and pods of the alligator pepper ware used. The fruit which has an appearance of the skin of an alligator contains small brown seeds with a bitter, pepper tasty flavor. The seeds contain phytochemicals which are valued for it’s nutritional and medicinal content which makes this spice one of the most expensive in African cuisine.

The alligator pepper is included in the pod with seeds. The fruit and seeds have a rough texture similar to that of an alligators skin.jjj

How does the alligator pepper taste?

The alligator pepper has a strong, spicy flavor. It’s a popular spice use din West African soups. Like pepper pot soup in West Africa. It’s also accompanies with vegetables such as okras, potatoes, and pumpkins. It’s also served with the kola nut to offset it’s bitterness

Cultural significance of the Alligator pepper

In the Yoruba culture a alligator pepper is given to the baby to taste after they are born as part as a welcoming ceremony. It’s also used as a wedding gift. It’s a symbolic as an expensive and important spice.

What are the medicinal benefits of the alligator pepper?

The Alligator pepper has various health benefits some of them include

Prevents infections and treat wounds. Tannin is a property in alligator pepper that treats wounds, burns, and inflamed mucous membranes

Treats malaria

Believed to protect against travel dangers so eatern before travel

Helps treat hangovers

. Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders It can be used to treat stomach problems like ulcers, worms, diarrhea and stomach pain

Sexual Stimulant

It’s contains aphrodisiac properties which can be used to stimulate sexual desires.

Skin Health

Can be used to treat skin diseases like smallpox, chickenpox, and measles.


Can be used to keep body alert by chewing the pepper



High in  phytonutrients such as alkalois, tannis, and terpenoids which help reduce free racials and offer protection from virus and other chemicals that cause damage in the body.



Pregnant women should avoid


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