Healing history of Artichoke

Over 125 years ago famed Greek naturopathic wrote about a Plant native to the Mediterranean  he said that the plant tasted pleasant boiled and called it’s name scolymus such is now known as artichoke.

The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and romans farms cultivated artichokes as well. It was commonly used as both a food and medicine. It was commonly used to treat liver and digestion problems.

During the 17th century, English herbalist Nicholas Culpeper said that artichoke was an “excellent herb” and suggested it for a remedy for boils, plagues, jaundice, and gallbladder problems as well and small pox and syphilis.

In 19th century American physicians used artichokes to treat liver disease and for muscle aches.


Nutritional Value of Artichokes

Artichokes are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin k, folate, niacin, thiamin, vitamin C vitamin B6-12 vitamin a, e d, riboflavin. Artichokes also contain zinc, sodium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, iron and sodium.

Health Benefits of Artichokes

Cancer Prevention: Artichokes are high in antioxidant activity. Antioxidant protect the immune system against free radicals which can lead to several diseases within your body such as heart disease and cancer. Artichokes contain a high number of polyphenols which have been shown to reverse the effects of cancer. Artichokes also contain ruin and quercetin which are two anti-cancer antioxidants.

Artichokes are also high in Vitamin C another powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C  prevents diseases like fibrosis and breast cancer. Artichokes extract have been shown to reduce prostate, breast cancer as well as leukemia.

Promoting heart health: Cholesterol is a type of fat that build up in the arterieis of the cardiovascular system, increasing blood pressure and blocking blood flow leading to heart attacks and strokes. Artichokes have been found to reduce levels of bad cholesterol and increase levels of good cholesterols thus improving your heart health.

Blood Pressure: Potassium is an essential mineral that helps control blood pressure. Artichokes is a rich source of potassium

Brain Function: Artichokes are rich in phosphorus which  is an essential mineral that is found in brain cells.

 Metabolic Functions: Artichokes are rich in manganese, magnesium both of which are critical to the body’s’ metabolic process.

 Liver Health: Artichokes are rich in cynarian and silymarin which are antioxidants the reduce the presence of toxins in the liver. Studies have shown that artichoke has the ability to repair damaged liver cells.

Digestive Issues: Artichokes are also beneficial to the digestive system. Artichokes contain high amounts of fiber which is critical to the functionality of your digestive system. Artichokes help soothe inflamed gallbladders and stimulate the production of  gastric juices and bile which help promote normal and smooth digestion

Bone Health: Rich in phopurus which are an essential part of increasing bone health.

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