Asam gelugor Fruit

The Asam gelugor is a perennial tree that produces fruits with great health benefits. asam gelugor fruitThe origin of this tree is Peninsular Malaysia. Today is widely grown in most parts of South East Asia. This tree grows tall up to 2metres when mature. It has a smooth bark with a pale grey color. The fruit produced from this tree is bright yellow in color with thin and smooth cover. TheĀ Asam gelugorĀ  fruit may have several seeds or have no seeds at all. The soft and juicy fleshy part of the fruit is palatable either when dried or eaten when fresh. The fruit is sour in nature hence adding of a bit of sugar.


Nutrient contents of the fruit

The asam gelugar fruit has nutrients that add nutritional value to the body. The fruit contains;

  • Hydroxycitric
  • Vitamin C

How to eat the fruit

This fruit can be consumed in differed ways. In order to gain the health benefits of this fruit, it can be prepared in the following methods;

  • Dried- The fruit can be sliced and dried. In its dry form, the fruit can be used in curries or can be stewed in plenty of sugar to taste.
  • Flavor for fish– This fruit can be used as a top dressing for fish and cakes.
  • Eaten flesh– The fruit can also be consumed while fresh. In this case due to its sourness, it should be smashed and added into the warm water and sugar to make juice.

Health benefits of asam gelugor fruit

This fruit has many benefits to the body especially in treatment of common diseases. Here are the benefits gained from consuming the fruit;

  • Blocks development of malaria– The hydroxycitric present in the fruit helps in blocking the lifecycle of plasmodium that causes malaria hence preventing the disease.
  • Weight loss remedy- The fruit is a natural remedy for weight loss as it does not contain any sugars. In addition, it suppresses the pangs of hunger hence reducing appetite. For this reason, it is advisable to boil the fruit in water and taking the juice both in the morning and evening without adding sugar. The fruit also helps in breaking the fat in the body. The hydroxycitric present in the fruit helps in controlling release of serotonin in the brain.
  • Treatment of rheumatic- The peels of the fruits are effective in healing of rheumatic fever. In this case, the peels should be boiled and then taken as a warm juice.
  • Treatment for gingivitis– This fruit is a natural remedy for gingivitis. In order to use it as therapy for gingivitis, it is important to smash the fruit to make a paste and applying it on the gum. After about 20 minutes, warm water gargle should be done for best results.
  • Handling menstrual problems– The fruit helps in eliminating pins related with menstrual issues especially when boiled and taken as a juice.


The asam gelugor should be stored under room temperature for a maximum of three days. Alternatively, the fruit should be sliced and dried to be stored for about seven days.


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