Bignay Fruit

bignay fruitWhat’s the Bignay?

The Bignay is a fruit that is native to the Philippines. It looks very similar to a variety of berries or grapes.It belongs to the euphorbiaeae family. Bignay fruit has a variety of uses and benefits. In this article, you’ll learn about the various benefits, origins, taste and appearance of the Bignay.

Where does the Bignay grow?

The Bignay fruit is from the Philippines. However it grows in tropical climates and can be found in places like Burma, China, Thailand India and Australia.

The appearance of the fruit?

The Bignay grows in clusters of 30 to 40 small fruits. The fruits are a green color when not ripe but changes to black as it matures.

How is the Bignay fruit used?

The fruit has a sour sweet taste. It is commonly used to make jam and wine.

How does Bignay Taste?

The taste of bignay fruit is both acidic and slightly sweet when fully ripe. Its distinct aroma and smooth flavor make it an excellent for red wine.

What’s the appearance of the Bigany tree?

The Bigany tree is small with long shiny and pointed leaves. The Bignay tree produces flowers which are small and green. The male flowers have spikes and are a bit larger than the female flowers.

What are the Uses of the Bignay tree and fruit?

You already know that the Bignay fruit is used for food. However, you might not have known that the Bigany tree itself has plenty of other uses. Here are some listed below:


Leaves: They are used in various local dishes. They are also used for vinegar and fish flavoring in stews and salad dishes.

Fruits: Are used in wines especially. But also locals use it for jams and jelly.

What are the Health Benefits of the Bignay fruit?

Treats snakebites:

Bignay is used as an antidote for snake venom.

Healthier heart:

Helps you improve your heart health because it contains antoxidant properties.

Bignay Helps you to lose weight:

Bigany helps you reduce your appetite while providing the nutrients to your body. Thus it allows you to lose weight while remaining healthy.

Helps to improve blood cholesterol:

Bignay helps to regulate your cholesterol levels. It promotes good cholesterol while eliminating harmful cholesterol.

Improves your immune system:

Bignay fruits help to boost your immune system and metabolic rate. This improvement helps you to loose weight and regulate your blood pressure.

Makes your liver healthier:


Bignay tea lowers the level SGOP which in turn improves your liver health.

Colon Cleanse:

Bignay is a natural colon cleanser. It get rids of harmful bodily toxins and makes your digestion process easier.

A form of treatment for syphilis:

Studies have been conducted by scientists proving that bigany tea can act as a natural remedy for syphilis

What are the properties?

Contains phenolics, flavonoids, anthocyanins and carotenoids.

Any precautions?

The bark is poisonous. It contains a toxic alkaloid.




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