Burdock Root Benefits

burdock root benefits

Burdock root benefits are numerous that gives the body necessary health and wellness. Burdock is classified among the biennial plants that thrive well in most parts of the world. This plant is easy to identify due to its unique characteristics. It has prickly heads that catch animal fur and people’s clothing leading to easy dispersal. This makes plant to be spread widely in many parts. The leaves of this plant are long, large, coarse and dark green in color. Leaves on the lower parts of the plant are heart shaped and woolly in texture. Burdock plant has a long period of flowering that takes place from July through October. The roots are edible thanks to their sweet and pungent muddy like flavor which is eliminated by soaking the roots before use. The roots are long measuring up to one metre in length and about three centimeter wide.

burdock root benefits

Nutritional Composition

Burdock plant has a wide range of nutrients that makes it a natural remedy for diseases. These nutrients include;

  • Iron
  • Lactone
  • Polyacetylenes
  • Taraxosterol
  • Calcium
  • Resin
  • Flavonoids
  • Mucilage
  • Chlorogenic acid
  • Tannin
  • Potassium
  • dietary fiber
  • Amino acids

Uses of burdock plant

Generally, burdock plant is used as food whereby the roots are consumed as vegetables. In some parts of Europe, the plant is used as cuisine due to their pleasant flavor. The flower stalks of burdock plant are harvested before maturing. These stalks are peeled and boiled in salty water or prepared raw for consumption. In countries such as Japan, the leaves are cooked and consumed as vegetables due to their soft texture.

Burdock root benefits

Burdock root benefits the body system by preventing and healing of diseases as well as caring for the skin health. Health benefits include;

  • Management of arthritis

The roots of burdock plant contain a wide range of minerals that strengthens the bones to resist arthritis. In addition, these nutrients prevent inflammation hence eliminating the pain associated with arthritis.

  • Purifies blood

Consumption of burdock roots helps in purifying the blood in the body system. This leads to elimination of disease causing toxins. This makes the plant roots a natural remedy for eczema, acne and pimples especially on the facial skin.

  • Liver and kidney protection

The roots from burdock plant have power to protect liver and kidneys. This is an essential function as these are among the major organs in the body of a human person. Due to blood purifying function of the roots in the body system, the elements from the roots eliminates the toxins in the blood. This ensures that the liver and kidneys are protected from attacks from the diseases caused by toxins that make these organs dysfunctional. Also, potassium and other minerals present in the roots acts as diuretics that leads to elimination of waste products especially through urine leading to health and wellness.

  • Reduces blood sugar

Studies have shown that the roots from burdock plant are essential in reducing the blood sugar. This is attributed to its low contents of sugars in it.

  • Reduces blood pressure

The fact that the roots have diuretic properties leading to elimination of excessive water in the body system through frequent urination helps in reducing the blood pressure. In addition, the present of minerals in the roots leads to a balance in electrolytes in the blood hence maintaining a normal blood pressure.

  • Treatment of tonsillitis and sore throat

Consumption of the roots from this plant provides a soothing effect on sore throat eliminating the horse voice. Also, the roots provide a relief for tonsillitis hence getting rid of symptoms associated with the infection.

  • Treatment for flu and colds

The roots are known for fighting viruses that cause flu and colds. This makes the roots a natural remedy for nagging flu and common colds.

  • Scalp and hair treatment

Oil extracted from the roots of burdock plant is essential for scalp and hair treatment. The fatty acids and phytosterols present in the roots are essential in elimination and prevention of dandruffs, moistening the scalp and enhancing hair growth.


Though the roots are reported to enhance lactation, they should not be used in pregnancy. This is because the roots are found to cause some significant uterine stimulation that can lead to abortion.



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