Canistel fruit

Canistel fruitCanistel fruit

The Canistel fruit originated from Southern Mexico and parts of Central America. This tree retains green color all through while attaining 10m when fully mature. The fruits from this tree are also known as yellow sapote. The fruits are eaten raw as they are sweet and palatable. Though the shapes of the fruits vary, most of the fruits are normally oval in shape and orange yellow in color. The fruit contains between one to six brown seeds that are brown in color while the inner fleshy part of the fruit resembles the boiled hard yolk of the egg. The skin of the mature and ripe fruit is usually glossy.

Uses of the fruit

This fruit is sweet and edible. It is consumed through the following ways;

  • The ripe fruit is used for preparing jam and marmalade.
  • When ripe, the fruit is smashed and used to add flavor on a cake.
  • The fruit is handpicked and eaten right away.
  • It is used in making of a shake when mixed with milk.
  • A great ingredient for making ice-cream.
  • The fruit is also used in making of sweet pie.

Nutritional components of canistel

The fruit from canistel tree has various nutrients that contribute in promoting health and wellness. When fully ripe and flesh, the fruit contains;

  • Calories
  • Iron
  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Niacin
  • Phosphorous
  • Thiamin
  • Vitamin C

Health benefits of canistel fruit

This fruit brings about the following benefits;

  • Lowering of blood pressure

The canistel fruit helps in lowering of blood pressure. This is because of high levels of minerals present in the fruit.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

This fruit helps in preventing and eliminating inflammation in the body.

  • Anti-microbial

The fruit is a natural remedy for clearing bacterial and fungal infections in the body when consumed regularly.

  • Anemia

The fruit has high levels of iron that boosts the blood level in the body. The fruit is highly recommended for those with heavy bleeding during menstrual periods and after child birth.

  • Strengthening of bones

This fruit helps in strengthening of bones in children, the elderly and those suffering from bones and joints related ailments. This is because the fruit contains high levels of calcium and phosphorous minerals that are good for the bones.

  • Cancer disease

The fruit helps in reducing chances of developing cancer. When eaten regularly the fruit helps in preventing spreading of cancer cells.

  • Treatment of flu and coughs

This fruit is an effective natural remedy for treatment of flu and coughs. This is made possible by the high content of vitamin C that eliminates symptoms related to colds, flu and coughs.

  • Alleviates allergies

This fruit is essential in alleviation of topical and systemic allergies. When prone to different allergens such as pollen grains, it is important to consume this fruit as it lowers chances of developing allergic reactions.

  • Treatment of arthritis

Canistel fruit is a natural remedy for treatment and management of arthritis. This is because the fruit is rich in minerals that eliminate the symptoms of arthritis.

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