Cashew apples

Cashew apples

Cashew apples are native to Brazil. Portuguese explorers introduced the plant to tropical regions of the world like India, Nigeria, Sri lanka, Tanzania  and Kenya The cashew nut is often referred to a pseudo fruit, because it’s oval shape appears as  a pear with waxy, watery skin. The cashew nut grows to be about 5-11 cam long and when ripes it turns yellow. In latin America a cashew apple fruit drink is made with mango green pepper. In this article we are going to overview the nutritional contents and health benefits of the cashew apple


How does the Cashew apple taste? The pulp of the cashew apple is very juicy

It is edible, and has a strong “sweet” smell and a sweet taste

Health benefits of the Cashew apples


Digestive- treats gastritis and stomach ulcers, diarrheal and dysentery.

Cosmetic– Cashew apple juice is high in vitamin c and antioxidants which makes it a popular additive in creams and shampoos. It’ also slows down the aging process.

Nervous system– the juice helps with  rheumatism and neuralgia.

Womens health- helps with miscarriages painful menustral cramps and heavy menstrual bleeding

Detoxing– The juice. eliminates disease causing pathogens present in the body.

Other uses– prevents tooth abscesses, used for worms and against snake bites

Nutritional Benefits of the Cashew Nuts


86.3g Moisture

.2g Protein

.1g Fat

.8g Minerals

3.2g Fiber

11.1g Carbs

10mg Calcium

67mg Phosphorous

2mg Iron

23ug Carotene

.02mg Thiamine

.05mg Riboflavin

.3mg Niacin

49mg Vitamin C


Tips on eating the Cashew Apple

Use a knife to cut away the flesh from the cashew nut shell but make sure the nut remains insipde. The shell is toxic so you do not want to come into contact with your skin. Eat the cashew nut as you would eat a regular apple. The outer part doesn’t not need to be removed.


Only keeps 24 hours at room temperature and up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.


Taste of cashew nuts

It has a sweet citrus flavor, other taste may vary according to the variety

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