Valerian Tea Benefits

Valerian Tea Benefits Valeria tea is among the most popular herbs with potent medicinal value. This herb is known by other varying names such as the Garden Heliotrope, All-heal and Garden Valerian. This alternative medicine is derived from the roots of the valerian shrub that originates from Europe and parts of Asia. This plant is green in color and grows as a shrub. It was later introduced in North America. This plant is perennial in nature, producing sweetly scented flowers twice a year. In fact, the extracts from its white…

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Psoralea Seeds Health Benefits

Psoralea Seeds Health Benefits Psoralea seeds are classified among traditional Chinese herbs with varying health benefits to the body. This plant has its origin in Asia and African regions such as South Africa. Alternative names of this plant depending on the region it is grown and used are Barachi, Bakuchi, Babachi or Bavacalu among others. This herb grows as a perennial plant hence producing fruits twice in a year. Psoralea plant thrives well in arid areas as it does not entirely depend on rainfall to produce. The plant bearing Psoralea…

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Health Benefits of Jamaican Dogwood

Health Benefits of Jamaican Dogwood Jamaican dogwood plant is known for its health benefits to the body. This plant grows into a tree known with other name as Florida Fish Poison tree. This name originated from the Native Americans of West Indies who realized that the extracts of this tree sedated the fish making it easy for them to catch them by hand. This tree originated from Florida and later spreading to Caribbean, Texas and most parts of Latin America. This tree thrives well in well drained sandy soil rich…

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Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds Health benefits of cumin seeds are numerous and important for the health of the body system. Scientifically the seeds are derived from cuminum cyminum. This is a plant belonging to parsley family and grows to a height of 30-50 cm hence grouped as a shrub. This plant originated from East Mediterranean India in Asia and later found its way in Syria, Iran, Egypt and Turkey. This is a plant that thrives well in arid and semi arid areas as it is highly drought resistant. Cumin…

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Health Benefits of Apricot Seeds

Heath benefits of apricot seeds are derived from the nutrients present in the fruit. These fruits are produced from a tree whose origin is Greece. This is an ancient tree whose existence is traced in 106-57BC when the tree was introduced to Rome from Armenia by the Roman General Lucullus. This tree is being cultivated in parts of America, Himalaya, Japan and China among others. The tree grows to a height of 7-11m with a canopy that is wide spread. It has long leaves with a wide and rounded base….

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Dandelion Root Tea Benefits

dandelion root tea benefits

Dandelion root tea benefits are derived from the rich nutritional value that this herb possesses. Though the herb is pervasive and seems to be invasive when it grows in the garden, it brings about many benefits to one’s health. The medicinal part of this plant is found in the extracts from the roots. The plant has a stem that resembles a hollow straw with a taproot that appears like a pale carrot. These characteristics make dandelion plant different from catsear and hawksbeard. The tea prepared from the root extracts of…

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Benefits of Pomegranate Juice


Pomegranate juice is derived from punica granatum tree fruit. This tree does not grow tall like other trees as it attains a maximum of 6-9m height hence being the size of a shrub. Pomegranate is a native tree of Iran region, Mediterranean and Asia. Later, it was introduced by the Spanish settlers in California, Latin America and the surrounding regions. This tree is cultivated today in other places such as central India, northern and tropical parts of Africa, Middle East as well as Arizona. The tree thrives well in the…

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manuka Honey Health Benefits

manuka honey health benefits

Manuka honey commonly known as anuka originated from New Zealand and Australia region. The honey is collected as nectar from Manuka tree by bees that pollinate the trees. This tree grows naturally in the region with the honey produced from its nectar being dark cream or dark brown in color. In late summer, Manuka tree flowers leading to production of the honey hence difficult to be confused with honey formed from nectar collected from other trees. Though the honey has been a traditional form of treatment for decades, it is…

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Tiger Nuts Health Benefits

tigger nut benefits

Tiger Nuts Health Benefits Tiger nuts health benefits are numerous due to its nutritional value. This nut plant has its origin in the continents that are along the Western Hemisphere such as Africa, Asia and Southern Europe. This plant grows naturally in the wilderness or planted on farms. This makes it to be considered as a weed in some regions. This plant thrives well in areas with low temperatures and low nitrogen levels. In order to have complete flowering process the plant requires shadows. The tubers bearing the nuts may…

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chanca piedra tea

  Chanca Piedra Tea Natural world is a reserve of so many antidotes that are competent enough to cure a vast number of common medical conditions that human beings have to face. Phyllanthus Niruri, also known as chanca piedra in Peru and quebra pedra in Brazil, is one such wonder herb, used as a tea, that has diuretic properties. Several scientific studies have revealed the various nutritional health benefits of this amazing herbal tea. It is best known for its therapeutic uses in case of renal issues such as kidney…

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