Health benefits of pomegranate seeds

health benefits of pomegranate seeds

What are pomegranate seeds? The pomegranate seeds are from the pomegranate fruit.The pomegranate  is a red fruit with a tough outer layer; only the juice and the seeds inside are edible. The pomegranate fruit originated from Iran and Iraq but is widely consumed throughout the world.Although both pomegranate seeds,fruit and juice are all consumed this article will focus on the health benefits of pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate seeds have  plenty of nutritional benefits. They are high in nutrients  and antioxidants. Read on to learn ore about the full health benefits of…

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Red raspberry leaf tea for fertility

Red raspberry leaf tea for fertility Every woman has an inherent desire of being a mother of a cute baby.  The problem arises when you are told that there are some issues in conception or you have fertility issues. There are various services offered by modern system of medicine to resolve the fertility issues but in some cases there is no result. In such cases the holistic approach and the herbal supplement are used to resolve the fertility issues. The use of the red raspberry leaf in the forms of…

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Prickly Pear Juice Health Benefits


Prickly Pear Juice Health Benefits Prickly pear is the commonly found cactus plant that is largely found in the regions of South America in the Central Mexican region. This is considered as a part of diet in the Mexican areas where it is being cultivated on commercial level. This cactus plant has thrones on its body and is used for eating after removing the outer shell. The inner flaccid art is considered as edible part.  While consuming it must be kept in mind that the young or tender part is…

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Karela Health Benefits

karela health benefits

Karela Health Benefits The developments of the different food patterns are largely base on the culture and the efficacy of the plants and herbs as food or health supplement as well as the medicinal effects. The ancient Ayurveda texts have indicated the benefits of the wide array of vegetables, herbs, shrubs and other substances. The bitter gourd or Karela is one such vegetable that has considerable medicinal values. It is largely used as a vegetable for preparing various stews and other preparations. The juice of the vegetable is also consumed…

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Kohlrabi Health Benefits

Kohlrabi health benefits are derived when it is consumed as a vegetable. This vegetable has a bulb at the base while the leaves are narrow. It belongs to the class of broccoli and cauliflower belonging to the family of cabbages. This vegetable originated from Germany and Australia but now it is being grown in most parts of the world. The vegetable requires enough rainfall and fertile soil to grow hence use of organic manure to enrich the soil is highly recommended. The vegetable retains a green color all through its…

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Flacourtia Indica

Flacourtia Indica Flacourtia Indica is also known as the governor’s plum or Indian plum. This fruit has its origin in Asia and Africa in areas with tropical and temperate climates. The fruit bearing tree grows like a shrub having a pinky truck with spread brunches and green leaves. When fully mature the tree is normally 15 meters tall. The fruit has about 10 tiny seeds with a fleshy inner part that is either yellow or white. The fruit is usually green till when it ripens and turns purple. It is…

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Canistel fruit

Canistel fruit The Canistel fruit originated from Southern Mexico and parts of Central America. This tree retains green color all through while attaining 10m when fully mature. The fruits from this tree are also known as yellow sapote. The fruits are eaten raw as they are sweet and palatable. Though the shapes of the fruits vary, most of the fruits are normally oval in shape and orange yellow in color. The fruit contains between one to six brown seeds that are brown in color while the inner fleshy part of…

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Bilimbi Fruit

Bilimbi Fruit The bilimbi fruit also known as cucumber tree originated from Moluccas in Indonesia. Today, this tree iw widely grown in Philippines, Malaysia and Sri Lanka among other areas. This tree grows up to 10m tall when fully mature. The tree thrives in warm climatic regions of Asia, Africa and America. It grows well in well drained soil with evenly distributed rainfall as it requires some dry periods to produce. The tree produces some yellowish green flowers that are attached on the trunk of the tree. The fruit is…

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Bambara Beans

Bambara beans also known as bambara groundnuts has their origin in West Africa specifically in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. The beans thrive well in sandy soil with a PH of between 5 and 6.5. The texture of the soul should be light with good drainage as water logging destroys the nuts. The Bambara plant grows well in the climate of most parts of Sub-Sahara Africa with temperatures of 19-30 degree centigrade. These groundnuts are highly resistant to draught as they do not require high rainfall for them to grow…

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Ackee Fruit

ackee fruit

Ackee Fruit Ackee fruit has its origin in West Africa especially in Mali, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon. It is also known as achee apple. This fruit found its way to Jamaica with most reports highlighting that it might have been imported from West Africa during the famous slaves trade. The ackee tree is about 10m tall when fully mature with ever green leaves, short trunk and a huge crown. The tree generates flowers that are unisexual during the warm months with each flower having five petals that are green in…

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