Catuaba Benefits

catuaba benefits

catuaba health benefitsCatuaba Benefits

There are several asphordics that are quite popular among the mass across globe. These are usually the different types of herbs and other related products that are used to enhance the sexual efficiency of man.

These are categorized in various types based on the usage and the sources from they are derived. Largely these products are either used as the decoction of the barks or in the powdered form.

The variety of herbal products is using the different local herbal ingredients as a constituent of sex power boosters.
The Catuaba is also a product in this category that is largely used as the ingredient of the herbal men’s libido enhancer herbal products in Brazil.

The word Catuaba is originated from the Gurbani a local dialect of Punjab a North Indian state In India. The literary meaning of the word is ‘What that gives strength to Indian’.

This is mainly referred to the extract and the decoctions of the bark of trees found in Brazil. The catuaba is on the top of the list of Amazonian aphrodisiac herbs that is used largely in the herbal men’s product. The catuaba is a recently derived product and the studies on the same claims that it was used in the early nineteenth century.


The botanical studies about the plant categorizes it in the below basis.
The most commonly noted plant that is termed as catuaba is Erythroxylum Vacciniifolium. This is tree that is found in the Rain forests of Amazon.

This is a small tree that goes about 15 feet high and bears the yellow orange flowers. Apart the bark of the plant is also of yellow to orange color.

The tree has small berried like fruits that are used for food purpose. It is a perennial tree and is usually found in the less dense forest regions of hillside areas.

Nutritional Value

The useful parts of the tree are its bark, and fruits. These are known to produces libido enhancing effects due to the various alkaloids present in the bark of the tree.
These are commonly described as the
Catuabine A,
Catuabine B
Catuabine C

The studies are in progress about establishing the effects of these alkolids in physiological systems that tend to be asphordic in nature. The infusion of the bark is largely used to produce as positive effect on the male potency and desire.

The broad classification of these contents indicates them to have catalytic effect on the physiology of erection and has soothing effects on the central nervous system. The erectile dysfunctions are found to have significant improvements as a result of taking the product in different concentrations.

Health Benefits

The studies and the common usages prevailing from the older times suggest the usage of the trees as below;

Catuaba as sexual power enhancer

The yohimnbene or the catuaba extracts in form of tencutres, infusion, and decoction or as herbal tea is used largely in the development of the various homeopathic and other herbal products.

These are known to benefit the male patients in the middle age for enhancing their desire and reduce the symptoms of andrapuase.The nutrients found in the bark extract have effects as erectile strength booster and central nervous stimulant that is having the vasodialiting effects.

These properties of dilating the blood vessels affect the blood supply to the genital region that increases the erectile stimulations.

The extracts are used in different forms right from the tincture to the crude herbal tea form. The homeopathic mother tincture and the other medicines named Yohinbinium is made from this tree.

Some studies clam it as a preventing substance for the viral infections also. It has shown considerable effects in preventing the acute viral infections on subjects.

Other uses

The fruits of the tree are used as berries as well as it is one of the ingredient of the herbal tea. It is also used as the flavoring agent in different ways due to its pleasant smell.


This is short tree that is slender and has dark to black green leaves and has white gray bark that is of yellow to orange color from inside. The fruits are of small size that is quite similar with the berries. These fruits are used as food item across the different regions of South American Brazallian region.

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