Chickweed Cream for Eczema

Eczema is another name of dermatitis which is a severe skin condition. It causes inflammation, intense itching on the affected area and redness. Mostly, eczema is known for targeting young children but it also affects adults. There are a few reasons that can cause eczema, some of which are given below:

  • Skin contact with certain types of irritants such as soaps, detergents, chemical solutions such as chlorine and coming in contact with toxic fumes at work or in traffic.
  • Allergy from various things can cause eczema. Many people are allergic to basic things such as pet animals, dust and sand, dandruff, pollen, etc. When skin comes in contact with these things, eczema can easily happen.
  • Too much humidity causes sweat and friction of skin with clothes can also cause eczema. Stress, hormonal imbalance and poor diet also lead to eczema.


Chickweed is another name of the commonly known herb ‘Stellaria Media’. This herb mostly grows in Europe, Asia and America. It does not grow all year round or in all temperatures and that is why this herb costs a little more than average herbs. Chickweed is not just used for herbal remedies but is also consumed as a vegetable as it contains high amount of minerals and vitamins and once it’s cooked, it tastes just like spinach.

Chickweed has numerous health benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • Helps in purifying the blood, cleaning out all toxics.
  • Acts as a tonic for the kidney and the liver. It cleanses these organs, helping them get rid of harmful bacteria.
  • Helps heal various types of skin conditions including psoriasis, boils, etc. It is one of the most commonly used herbs for healing intense skin conditions such as eczema.
  • Known for assisting in weight loss and reducing obesity.
  • Soothes stomach and bowel related problems such as constipation, upset stomach, etc. It helps in improving the overall health of the digestive system.
  • Reduces muscle and joint pain.
  • Soothes inflammation, minor burns, rashes, etc. It also acts as a pain killer and thus is used for treatment of arthritis, menstrual cramps, etc.
  • Soothes respiratory problems such as cough, asthma and cold etc.

The demand for chickweed is so high that many people even grow it right in their backyards. Dried chickweed can also be purchased in any herbal stores.


Chickweed Ointment for Eczema:


  1. ¼ cup of Chickweed
  2. 1 cup of Olive Oil
  3. ¼ cup of dried Calendula flowers
  4. ¼ cup of Chamomile flowers
  5. ¼ cup of Bees Wax


  • Warm the olive oil on low heat and add all the herbs in it. Cook for 45 minutes.
  • Strain out the herbs and pour the oil in a double boiler, turn on the heat to medium.
  • Add the bees wax and remove from heat and let cook until the wax completely melts.
  • Store the cream in a jar.

Apply the cream on the affected area and let it stay overnight.

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