Eyebright herb benefits

eyebright herb benefits

eyebright herb benefitsEyebright herb benefits

There are several medicines that are being used from centuries for treating the various ailments. Eyebright is one of such medicines that is prevailing from the last five centuries. It was first used in the fourteenth century and was used eye refreshing tonic.

This is also known as the Euphrasia and is quite popular as herbal eye tonic. There are descriptions of the herb that indicate the usage of the herb for medicinal use by the herbalists like Fuchsius and Tragus.

This herb is found in the different regions of the world mainly coming from the Europe, North America, Western Asia, and Northern Asia regions. It is known to refresh the eyes from different conditions like as reddishness, watery discharge, and conjunctivitis and vision impairment.


Eyebright (Euphrasia Officinalis) is a small shurb that is from the Figwort family. It is non poisonous in nature and all the parts including the root leaves, stems can be consumed. It is quite harmless that’s why it is used as herbal eye tonic. The herb got its name from the greek term that means the medicine for eyes
Euphrasia Tannin
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
The nutrients contained in this herb are having the medicinal properties that are useful in curbing the various ailments related to eyes and provide natural relief to eyes.

This can be used as health supplement for enhancing the general health conditions as it is a rich source of vitamins B, C, E, and flavonoids such as beta-carotene. Apart this there is several alkaloids and other nutrients such as caffeic acids, ferulic acids that are having antioxidant properties.
The Euphrasia tanin is known to have scrapping and antimicrobial effect that supports the reduction in pathological and degenerative developments of the eyes. It is also supposed to prevent the aging effects on eyes.

Health Benefits of the Eyebright herb

Eyebright as Eyetonic

As the name suggests the plant has excellent effects in treating eyes related complication. It has significant historical trends to second it’s positive effects in treating the various eyes related issues. It is quite useful in treating the blephratis and inflammatory condition occurring in the eyes and eyelids. Apart this has noticeable results in treating the conditions like as conjunctivitis and other seasonal eye infections.

Eyebright as respiratory tract medicine

This herb is used for treating the different conditions of respiratory disorders. It has shown considerable effects on the ailments related to respiratory system due to allergic as well as systemic diseases. This is being used from old times for the patients having inflammatory conditions because of hay fever, upper respiratory tract infections, sinus related infections, common cold with watery discharge catarrh, and dry cough.

It is being used for herbal smoking that reduces the various ailments related to respiratory disorders. This is known to act as expectorant for releasing the dried cough. It is quite useful in nasal irritations and seasonal disorders.

Eyebright as antiseptic

This herb is also used as an antiseptic for local application in various skin disorders. The poultice or the powder of the herb is spread on the wounds. It makes the healing process fast as compared with other medicines. It is also useful in treating the acne related problems by applying locally over face by mixing in lemon or honey.

Other Uses

It is also found to be treating the memory related disorders. Apart this is a flavoring agent used in various ways. The prevailing combinations of herbal extract with honey, sugar and fennel seeds is said to improve the concentrations and memory.  This is a part of the several herbal products that are sold as memory and concentration boosters.


This is a small herb that is found to be two to eight inches high and sharp cut leaves that has white or purple blooms with yellow stem. This is from the Figwort family and has a blooming period between July and September. It has straight stem with leaves on opposite sides and are about 1/2 an inch long and deep green color.

The flowers are having multiple leaves with flips on outward side. The plant is bearing the seed in tiny capsules that use to shred after ripening. It needs support to grow therefore it is found in the grass lands where it gets support from other plants.

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