feverfew for headaches

What is feverfew?

Feverfew is a daisy that grows in Canada,Europe and North America it’s been used medicinally for centuries.


Can feverfew help with migraine?

Herbal medicine contains a ton of vitamins and minerals that gives the body it’s proper nourishment .For centuries, ,fever few has been used for the prevention and treatment of headaches. Feverfew  actually treats the underlying cause of headaches rather than treating the symptoms.


What’s the evidence?

According British Medical Journal and the Harvard Medical School Health Letter, they affirmed the success of feverfew of treating headaches. Additionally, clinical tests have confirmed feverfew to relieve symptoms of headaches and reduce the frequency.

How does Feverfew work to relive headaches?

Feverfew contains ingredients that make it an effective headache remedy. Feverfew prevents serotonin and prostaglandins which are two inflammatory enzymes which are believed to induce hadaches. By inhibiting those two animes feverfew prevents headaches.

How should I take feverfew?

You can take feverfew by taking the capsules, tablets, or by simply growing your own feverfew.

Freeze dried capsules

·        Fresh  feverfew has a bitter taste so it might be difficult to ingest. You can instead buy feverfew capsules online or from a health store.

·        Prepared tablets

·        You can also buy feverfew tablets.

·        If you’re into gardening you can grow your own feverfew and incorporate the leaves into a salad. In order to prepare the leaves, pick them when they are dry. Place them in a ventilated place away from sunlight and turn them over every  few days.

·        Afterwards store the leaves in a glass jar.

·        You can also use feverfew tinctures.

·        You can dink feverfew tea. The taste is bitter, so you may want to add honey.

Does feverfew have any side effects?

If pregnant  or breast feeding do not take

Do not take with asprin  ibuprofen and other medicines

May cause mouth  ulcers a some skin irritations

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