Flacourtia Indica

Flacourtia Indica
Flacourtia Indica

Flacourtia Indica
Flacourtia Indica is also known as the governor’s plum or Indian plum. This fruit has its origin in Asia and Africa in areas with tropical and temperate climates. The fruit bearing tree grows like a shrub having a pinky truck with spread brunches and green leaves. When fully mature the tree is normally 15 meters tall. The fruit has about 10 tiny seeds with a fleshy inner part that is either yellow or white. The fruit is usually green till when it ripens and turns purple. It is palatable as it is sweet with light acidic tang.
Ways of consuming the fruit
The fruit is consumed in different ways, that include;
Hand-picked and eaten raw when ripe.
The inner fleshy part of the fruit is extracted to make a pulp.
The fruit is sweet hence essential in making of jam.
It is fermented to make wine.
The pulp of the fruit is used in sweetening of cakes and pie.
Nutritional value
The fruit contains;
Dietary fiber
Vitamin A and C
Health benefits of Flacourtia Indica
Flacourtia Indica fruit is essential for the health of the body due to nutrients present. The health benefits brought about by regular consumption of this fruit include;

Arthritis- The fruit is essential in treatment and prevention of arthritis due to high contents of calcium, phosphorous, zinc and other minerals.

Anemia- Regular consumption of this fruit boosts the blood levels in the body. This is due to high levels of iron present in the fruit, making it highly recommended for use in pregnancy and those with menstrual bleeding issues.

Treatment of flu and coughs– Governor’s plum is an effective remedy for treatment of flu and cold related symptoms such as sneezing, coughs and running nose. This is due to the presence of vitamin C, A and riboflavin.
Management of diarrhea- Governor’s plum is effective in treatment of diarrhea. During episodes of diarrhea, an individual there is loss of huge amount of minerals from the body that may lead to shock and death. Consumption of the fruits helps in replacing the minerals lost during the diarrhea.

Treatment of snake bites– The pulp of flesh fruit is applied on the area with snake bite wounds where it neutralizes the poison. However, the pulp should be applied soon after the snake bite has taken place and accompanied by consumption of the fruits for best results.

Treatment of brittle bone disease- Governor’s plum is a natural remedy for strengthening of the bones. The minerals present help in making the bones stronger in case of brittle bone disease.

Boosts immunity- The presence of vitamin A and thiamine in the fruit helps in enhancing the body’s immune system. The syrup derived from the fruit pulp helps in keeping children from common infections as their under- developed immune system is boosted by the fruit.
Alleviates allergies- The fruit is essential in alleviation of allergy in the body. When one consumes Flacourtia Indica fruit, they become resistant to common respiratory and skin allergic reactions.

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