Gentian Root Health Benefits

Gentian root health benefits are derived from the tonic extracted from the roots of this plant. The origin of the name gentian is traced back to an Illyrian king who discovered the components of this plant. This plant grows naturally in the wilderness though some thrive when planted in the gardens. The plant is usually a shrub as it does not achieve the tallness of a tree.

The leaves of most of the gentian plant are always green in color while in some others the green color may fade away in certain seasons. This plant thrives well in both neutral and acidic soils that are adequately drained with enough humus. This plant survives well under the shade or sunlight hence does well even in the woods.

Gentian plant is perennial, annual and biennial. Due to this variation, the plant produces flowers in different seasons. The flowers are large, trumpet shaped with a deep blue, white or cream color. Gentian plant originated from Europe, Asia and America. However, thrive in parts of North-east Africa Australia and New Zealand.

Preparation for use

Roots from the gentian plant are prepared in different ways to suit the specific use. The roots of the gentian plant are wrinkled with light to dark brown. The roots are usually slightly bitter. They are available in the following forms;

  • Refined and distilled beverages
  • Powder
  • Liquefiers
  • Tincture
  • Tea
  • Tonics

Gentian root health benefits

Gentian root health benefits are numerous helping the body organs to function adequately while maintaining general body health. The benefits of consuming extracts from these roots include;

  • Cancer prevention

The extracts from the roots of gentian plant helps in preventing the development of abnormal cancer cells. The plant contains antioxidants properties that eradicate the abnormal cells and other free radicals that lead to cancer. In addition, the extracts from the roots shield the body normal cells from radiation rays while making the cancerous cells susceptible to radiation. This makes the radiation therapy successful in treatment of cancer while protecting the healthy cells from destruction by the radioactive rays.

  • Enhances digestion

The extracts from the gentian roots enhances digestion. The extracts stimulate the digestive system leading to easy absorption of nutrients into the blood. This helps in preventing constipation. In addition, the extracts help in reducing heartburn caused by delayed digestion or excessive release of digestive acid into the digestive system. By stimulating digestion, the extracts help the digestive tract to make use of the digestive acid secreted into the stomach and intestines hence preventing heartburn.

  • Treatment of anemia

Anemia refers to lack of enough iron in the body leading to inadequate red blood cells. This condition can be prevented and treated through consumption of extracts from gentian roots. These extracts stimulate the digestive tract thus enhancing absorption of iron into the blood stream. This makes the extracts a natural remedy of dealing with anemia related issues.

  • Treatment of diarrhea

The bitter extracts from the roots of gentian plant stops diarrhea. The extracts act on the digestive system enhancing digestion. This helps in eliminating diarrhea while establishing a balance of the digestive juice excreted in the stomach.

  • Treatment of flu and fever

Tea derived from the extracts of gentian roots are a good natural remedy for flu and fever.

  • Management of bile and liver issues

Irritated liver and bile leads to serious vomiting and lack of appetite. This irritation may occur due to infections such as malaria caused by plasmodium. Tea from gentian roots is effective in soothing the liver and the bile relieving the irritation and eliminating the symptoms associated with it.

  • Enhances healing of wounds

Extracts from gentian roots acts as a natural remedy for wound treatment. When applied on a wound after cleaning it, the extracts hasten the healing process. The extracts leads to drying up of raw wound while eliminating the microbes present in the wound preventing infections.

  • Treatment of muscle spasms

The extracts act on the muscles and the entire central nervous system leading to general muscle relaxation. This gives great results in eliminating existing muscle spasms while preventing others from taking place. This makes the extracts good for menstrual cramps and intestinal spasms.


In order to gain maximum gentian root health benefits, it is important to consult a physician before using the extracts.




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