Health Benefits of Andrographis

healthbenefitsofandrographisWhat is andrographis? Where is andrographis from?

Andrographis is a herb that is commonly used in India and China. It’s one of the staple herbs in traditional chinese medicine.
There are numerous benefits of andrographis. In Chinese medicine, it’s commonly known fro extracting body toxins and clearing heat.
However, research is being conducted to examine the full benefits of andrographis . It’s a herb that has promising benefits. In this article, you’ll learn all about it.

Where does Andrographis grow?

Andrograhis groups in topical areas in China and Southeast Asia.

andrographis health benefits

In China and scandinavian countires, andrographis is commonly used to treat fevers and colds. Recently, it has been studied for it’s effectiveness to treat cancer. Research suggest that andrographis slows the spread of cancer cells, however does not cause cancer cell death.  Andrographis has many other health benefits. It’s common to treat respiratory infections, herpes, sore throate, and fever. Below I will discuss in detail the health benefits of this bitter herb.
Pain Killer
Reduces selling
Fight bacteria
reduces diarrhea
Treats malaria
Reduces fever
Prevents blood clots
Fights cancer cells
Protects heart muscles
Prufies the blood stream
reduces blood sugar
promotes digestion
loosense mucus
protect liver
Relaxes you
Enchance immune system

How does andrographis look?

It looks like a medium size plant with pointy leaves.

How does andrographis taste?

It has a very bitter taste


Taking a high amount of Andrographis can cause toxityin the liver and testicle. Research is still being conduct to confirm the full effects. Always consult a doctor before using this and any other herb.


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