Health Benefits of Jamaican Dogwood

Health Benefits of Jamaican Dogwood

Jamaican dogwood plant is known for its health benefits to the body. This plant grows into a tree known with other name as Florida Fish Poison tree. This name originated from the Native Americans of West Indies who realized that the extracts of this tree sedated the fish making it easy for them to catch them by hand.

This tree originated from Florida and later spreading to Caribbean, Texas and most parts of Latin America. This tree thrives well in well drained sandy soil rich in humus thus found in most coastal regions. In order to flourish well, the tree grows among other vegetations that protect it from absorbing direct salt from the sea or ocean.

However, the tree has little tolerance to cold weather. Florida fish poison tree grows tall, attaining a height of 12-15 meters being up to 118 cm wide. It has deciduous leaves that are pale greenish-grayish in color. During the month of May, the flowers from the tree mature having a white inner color tinged with red pinkish outer parts.

Between July and August, the tree produces brown pods that are about 9cm long. The pods have papery wings that facilitate their dispersal. Inside the pods are oval shaped seeds that are red-brown in color.

Health Benefits of Jamaican dogwood

Jamaican dogwood is known for its wide range of health benefits to human body. These benefits include;

  • Analgesic properties

The tree possesses analgesic properties. This makes it an effective natural painkiller getting rid of mild to severe pain in any part of the body.

  • Sedative properties

Just as the extracts from the tree sedates the fish, the same actions are active in human body. It acts on the central nervous system sedating the individual. Due to this effect, the tree is beneficial in treatment of insomnia which is a condition characterized by lack of sleep.

  • Treatment of anxiety

Extracts of the tree are effective in the treatment of anxiety and intense tension in the body. The extracts act on the central nervous system leading to relaxation that eliminates anxiety. It is best when taken an hour before sleeping.

  • Prevents muscle spasms

This tree is known for its prevention of muscle spasms of the inner body organs. The extracts act on the muscles of the organs leading to great relaxation and getting rid of the spasms.

  • Nerve pain

This tree produces extracts that helps in eliminating nerve pain that can be excruciating. This results from their action on the nerve endings. In this case the extracts nub the nerves hence stops the transmission of the pain messages to the brain through the nerves. Therefore, the tree is a natural remedy for those suffering from nerves disorders.

  • Menstrual cramps treatment

Extracts from Jamaican dogwood tree are a natural remedy for menstrual cramps in women. This type of cramps occurs due to contractions present on the uterine walls. The extracts act on the muscles around the uterine resulting to great relaxation. This leads to relief of the pain.

  • Management of migraine

Migraine headaches are excruciating and inhibit one from performing their daily duties. The extracts from the tree prevents the onset of the headaches if taken soon after experiencing the aura. However, the extracts helps in gradual reduction of the pain associated with the migraine in case the attack is already on.

  • Coughs and whooping cough relief

Extracts from Florida fish poison tree are highly effective for suppressing coughs and whooping coughs. This eliminates the symptoms that come as a result of persistent coughing such as headaches and abdominal muscle pains.

  • Fever relief

Fever occurs due to presence of an infection in the body. Fever is characterized by high body temperatures and may lead to conversions and delirium. Fever can be eliminated by consumption of extracts from the Jamaican dogwood tree that effectively reduces the body temperatures maintain it to normal.

  • Treatment of toothache

Toothache is caused by inflammation of the gum of the teeth or presence of cavity in the tooth. Toothache may lead to complications such as headache and earache. Consumption of extracts from Jamaican dogwood tree helps in eliminating the pain and inflammation leading to healing.




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