hercampuriHercampuri a restorative tonic and natural source of nutrients

There are enormous facts that are yet to be explored by the modern sciences. The usage of the different herbs and other natural nutrients as the source of medicinal and health benefices is a vaey vast area that is underexplored.

The different approaches towards the use of local herbs in various forms can be a vivid topic for the searches about redefining the holistic usage of the herbs for medicinal and health usage. The activity of the plants substances are yet in the development stage as these studies are based on the local suggestions that tends the researches to focus on usage and effects of herbs.

Once such plant Hercampuri is used on quite large scale as per the local beliefs and is known to provide various medicinal and nutritional effects. This plant is found in Peru, South America, and is practices as the blood purifier, liver tonic and weight loss supplement from ancient times.


Hercampuri is the local name of the plants of two species found in the Gentianella family – namely Gentianella nitida and Gentianella alborosea. It is a typical ingredient of the ethno medicines used by the Inca people from the Peru region in South America.

It is a native plant of Peru and is largely found here in the Puno, Huanuco, Junin, Ayacucho, Ancash, Amazonas, Cusco, Cerro de Paseo, and Cajamarca regions. This plant is small herb that bears fruits that are of black and brown color.

Nutritional Values

  • Eritaturin
  • Amarogentin
  • Gentianic Acid
  • Mucilage Tannins
  • Hemicellulose
  • Sesterterpenoids

These different ingredients of the plant are responsible for the different medicinal effects observed on the various organ systems and diseases.  The studies about the effects of these alkolids are yet to revel the physiological actions of these ingredients.

On administering the decoction of the plant in various strengths there has been recorded a considerable decrese in the LD cholesterol concentration. The Mucilage Tannis is supposed to break down the fatty tissues. These above micro nutrients are known to produce considerable effect on enhancing the fat metabolism and break down of the glycerides as other fatty molecules.

Apart the plant extract is also known to produce hypoglycemic effects; that means it is quite useful for the diabetic patients. Similarly it also produces the diuretic effects on the patients.

Health Benefits of Hercampuri

Hercampuri for reducing obesity

This is largely used as a herbs that helps in dissolving the body fat and weight reduction. It is largely used as the ingredient for herbal weight loss supplements. It is mostly prescribed in the form of herbal tea for weight loss. The active ingredients that are affecting the fat metabolism are yet to be indentified but the effects of the extracts are considerably observed in reducing the LD cholesterol levels.

Hercampuri as digestive and dibetic medicine

It is being used from ages as the medicine for the digestive disorder. The early usage of the herb is mainly found to be stomach ache reliever. This is also been used as an ingredient for the herbal diabetic supplements. It is mainly due to its astringent effect and hypoglycemic action. This is quite useful in reducing the blood sugar level while combined with other herbal ingredients.

Hercampuri as cardiac tonic

The anti cholesterol properties of the plant are outing this as an ingredient for the different natural cardiac supplements. It has scrapping effects that tend to dissolve the cholesterol and fat molecules thereby improving the blood circulation from the arteries.

Hercampuri as restorative and astringent agent

The common usage as prevailing from the older times makes it a choice as the bitter tonic that brings in energy and removes the sluggishness. It is being used as the tonic to make one feel energetic which may be because the fat burning action that produces energy in the body. It is widely consumed as a part of herbal tea preparation.

Other uses

This is a bitter medicine that is largely used for the purpose of improving the digestion, anti febrial tonic and as herbal tea for fat loss. There is no significant usage of the plant in food or similar usage.


The plant is a small herb that is perennial and has twisted stem with darn green and black leaves. It is usually about 70 to 90 centimeter in height and bears small brown and black fruits with seeds. The plant is widely found naturally in the Ande region of Peru in South America. The cracked and twisted stem is a disfiguring feature of the plant that separates it from the others.

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