Jabuticaba Fruit

Jabuticaba Fruit

Jabuticaba FruitFacts about Jabuticaba Fruit

Jabuticaba fruit is essential for the health of the body. The fruit is produced by a tree whose origin is Brazil and it grows slowly. The tree is known to be mature when the leaves turn from salmon to green color. The tree thrives well when planted on acidic and moist soil. This tree is unique as the white flowers grow on the trunk and eventually developing into fruits forming a beautiful purple color on the trunk. The tree is perennial in nature as it produces fruits two times in a year. However, if the tree is adequately irrigated, it produces fruits throughout the year. The fruits assume the shape resembling the slip skin grape. It has very tough skin and the edible part is sweet and soft with four big seeds arranged in the center of the fruit.

How to consume the Jabuticaba fruit

Jabuticaba fruit can be consumed in different ways that include;

  • Eaten fresh- the fruit should be pealed to expose the edible interior parts of the fruits.
  • It is useful in making of natural marmalade and jam that are best as flavors in cakes and other food substances.
  • The fruit is also used in making of strong wine which is made possible by fast fermentation rate of the fruit.

Nutrients contents

The fruit has different nutrients that includes;

  • Minerals- The fruit is rich in minerals such as iron, phosphorus and calcium.
  • Vitamin B-complex- The fruit has thiamine, niacin and riboflavin.
  • Vitamin C
  • Amino acids- The fruit has high contents of lysine and tryptophan.

Health Benefits of Jabuticaba fruit

When consumed, this fruits provides great health benefits that includes;

  • Sore throat– The fruit is a natural remedy for sore throat. The treatment is achieved when the juice is extracted and mixed with warm water and taken as a beverage.
  • Tonsillitis- The juice from the fruit is effective in healing of tonsillitis. For best results, it is advisable to gargle the juice while mixed with warm water twice daily.
  • Anti-cancer properties- This fruit has anti-oxidant properties that helps in control of development and spreading of the cancerous cells in different parts of the body.
  • Strengthens the bones– The fruit helps in strengthening of the bones and teeth due to calcium mineral present in it.
  • Boosts blood levels– The fruit boosts the blood levels in the body. This helps in the treatment of illnesses related to low blood levels such as anemia, dizziness and fainting. This is made possible by the iron present in this fruit.
  • Stops diarrhea– This fruits are a natural remedy for diarrhea. This cure is achieved when the tough cover of the fruit are dried, crushed and the mixed with water. When one drinks this concoction, it slows down the bowel movement hence stopping diarrhea.


These fruits are highly perishable as they start fermenting in two to three days when they are ripe and picked from the tree. Therefore, they can only be stored within the room temperature for a maximum of two days. When refrigerated they can last for about 6 days.


When eating the Jabuticaba fruit, it is advisable to avoid eating the skin as it can lead to severe constipation. In addition, frequent eating of large amount of these fruits is highly discouraged.




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