Jackass bitters for Diabetes

Jackass bitter is a herb that of the Aseracea family that is commonly found in Central America. It’s bitter tasting yellow flowers have numerous medicinal benefits. It’s effective against giardia, candida, parasites, amoebas. This prennail plant is a long standing remedy for diabetes in the Caribbean. The Mayans also drink this tea twice weekly to prevent diabetes and cancer for occurring. This article will explain why jackass bitters is such a good remedy for diabetes.

Jackass Bitters and Blood Sugar

There is scientific evidence that suggests that Jackass bitter can help regular blood sugar levels.  A study conducted on animals showed that it lowered the glucose levels in animals.  Jackass bitters tea can be used for blood cleansing which is helpful in helping diabetics manage their condition.

How is Jackass bitter taken?

It can be taken as a tiniture tea or wine. It can be used topically as well for wounds, infections or hair lice.

Dosage for Jackass Bitters

Follow product label for dosage recommendation. Jackass bitters is regarded as safe, but if you’re talking other medications herbal prescription or other wise please consult with your healthcare provider

Dosage Information for Jackass Bitters

Jackass Bitters comes in various forms and can be utilized as an ingredient alongside in other products. For best results, read and follow product label directions.


Safety for pregnant or nursing women, and in small children is not known.

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