Jimson Weed Medicinal Uses

Jimson weed is another name of the plant Datura Stramonium whose leaves and seeds are used as a drug and as a medicine. It was first discovered in Mexico and since then, it is produces in many regions. This herb has a bitter nauseating taste which makes it tough to use by people but due to its countless benefits, it is still a key ingredient in many natural treatment methods. Jimson Weed has to be taken with great care as wrong way of using it can lead to side effects such as hallucination.

The dosage of Jimson Weed depends on the health and age of the person, excess use of anything is never good and so, all types of herbs should also be used with care and limit. Limited aromatherapy of this herb, mixed with few other beneficial herbs has proved to help many patients suffering from various diseases. Mostly remedies call for a small amount of Jimson Weed mixed with other herbs such as Oregano, Slippery Elm, Lemongrass, etc.  This herb is mostly used by:

  • Patients suffering from respiratory diseases such as cough and asthma and bronchitis use Jimson Weed. Health problems related to the lungs and the respiratory system are very common amongst people of all ages. These kinds of diseases target people of all age groups, especially those who live in cold or polluted areas. People affected by these problems mostly resolve to science based medicines and treatment methods. Jimson Weed is known for curing such problems.
  • It also helps benefit patients suffering from heart diseases, muscle spasms. Jimson Weed creams are available at herbal stores which people apply on area of body which aches and feel their pain go away within a few hours of using it
  • This herb helps soothe mental problems such as Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, etc.


Old age homes in many countries usually make use of aromatherapy sessions using Jimson Weed and certain other herbs in order to help maintain and stabilize the respiratory and mental problems of the elderly.


Inhaling Jimson Weed

To help soothe all types of cough and asthma symptoms, patients mostly prefer inhaling Jimson Weed fumes as it directly passes into the lungs. The method is given below:

  • A very small amount of dried Jimson Weed leaves.
  • Burn the leaves well so you can see smoke rising from the leaves.
  • Keep your face close to the leaves but not too close. Inhale the fumes of the burning Jimson Weed.


Jimson Weed Bath

Relaxing in a hot bath with a few leaves of Jimson Weed added in the water helps to relax your overall health and soothes asthma and cough sensation.


For the Jimson Weed bath and inhalation, make sure you do not use too much of weed leaves as inhaling too much of its fumes can cause hallucination and can even be poisonous. You’ll feel relaxation and improvement in breathing rhythm within two hours of using the Jimson Weed herb.


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