Kohlrabi Health Benefits

Kohlrabi Health BenefitsKohlrabi health benefits are derived when it is consumed as a vegetable. This vegetable has a bulb at the base while the leaves are narrow. It belongs to the class of broccoli and cauliflower belonging to the family of cabbages. This vegetable originated from Germany and Australia but now it is being grown in most parts of the world. The vegetable requires enough rainfall and fertile soil to grow hence use of organic manure to enrich the soil is highly recommended. The vegetable retains a green color all through its life span.

Preparation for consumption
This vegetable is ready for consumption when it is firm and solid. It is nutritious when eaten fresh. The hard top layer should be removed before eating. It can be prepared in the following ways;
The vegetable can be cut in small slices and eaten raw. In this case, pepper and olive oil can be added to add flavor. It is served as salad.
This vegetable can be boiled and dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper and served as a vegetable.
When boiled, this vegetable is used in preparation of pasticcio, which is a popular dish in Europe.
The vegetable is also roasted in the oven and served with fish and other sea foods.
Nutritional components of the vegetable
This vegetable is composed of essential nutrients that are required for the health of the body. Its components include;
Dietary fiber
Vitamin- E, B5, C, B3 and B6
Kohlrabi health benefits
Kohlrabi health benefits are numerous brought about by the rich nutritional value in this vegetable. Its benefits to the health of the body are;
Enhances digestion
This vegetable is essential for digestion. Dietary fiber present in the vegetable helps in preventing constipation by enhancing the movement of food along the digestive tract. The vegetable is highly recommended for those suffering from hemorrhoids and those recovering from abdominal surgeries as they are likely to experience issues with digestion that are prevented by this vegetable.
Management of anemia
Low blood level in the body is caused by iron deficiency in the blood. Consumption of this vegetable regularly helps in reversing this by boosting blood levels in the body as it contains high levels of iron, folate and zinc.
Prevents heart diseases
Though this vegetable contain sodium that may lead to high blood pressure, the presence of potassium helps in minimizing the effects of sodium leading to stabilized heart rates and regulated blood pressure.
Management of obesity
Excessive weight in most cases is caused by consumption of cholesterol and fat filled food stuffs. This vegetable is highly recommended for those on weight loss programs as it contains low cholesterol levels hence the weight added is minimal. The dietary fiber leads to increased metabolism due to increased digestion process preventing weight gain.
Enhances immune system
The presence of vital vitamins in this vegetable helps in boosting immunity. Kohlorabi health benefits make it ideal for children, elderly and those with terminal ailments for enhanced immunity against infections.

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