Mangosteen Health Benefits

Mangoesteen health benefits
Mangoesteen health benefits
Mangoesteen health benefits

Mangoesteen health benefits are brought about by the rich nutritional value of this fruit. Its botanical name is garcinia mangostana, whose origin is in Sunda Island and Indonesia. The fruit bearing tree thrives well in tropical climatic region including India and South America.

When the tree is fully mature it attains a height of about 25 meters. The tree requires plenty of rainfall especially during the earlier stages of the tree as it is not drought resistant. Fruit bearing takes place when the tree is between 6-10 years old since planting. The fruit is edible since it is sweet, juicy and tangy with some mild acidic flavor resembling citric fruit. When the fruit is fully ripe it develops a deep purple-reddish color.

Consumption of the fruit

It is important to note that there are some restrictions in the importation of the fruit in some regions hence making it not readily available in the market in most parts. The fruit is consumed when fresh.


The fruit is stored canned and frozen that allows for export. The freeze-dried fruits last over a long period of time. However, fresh fruits also remain flesh for a while as the fruit is not highly perishable.

Nutritional value of fruits

These fruits contain numerous essential nutrients that contribute to a healthy body. It contains significant levels of;
Vitamins- B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C and E
Dietary fibre

Mangoesteen health benefits

Mangoesteen health benefits helps in restoring health and wellness in the body. They include;

Anti-immune depressant properties

The fruit helps in protecting the body from immune suppressant symptoms. This is because the fruit boosts immune system hence ideal for people suffering from ailments that depress the immune system of the body.

Treatment of heart related diseases

The fruits are best for treatment of heart related diseases. The minerals present in the fruit enhance blood circulation in the body hence preventing or controlling heart related diseases. This makes the fruits best for management of hypertension.

Treatment of cancer

The fruit from mangoesteen tree contain anti-oxidants that are essential in prevention and control of different types of cancers. Regular consumption of the fruits protects the body from developing cancerous cells while preventing the multiplication of cancer cells.


The fruits are highly recommended for treatment of low blood level in the body. This is made possible by presence of iron and folate that boost blood levels in the body. This makes the fruit best natural remedy for people with bleeding disorders.
Treatment of diarrhea

Consumption of the fruit is best for treatment of diarrhea. Its consumption is highly recommended for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome as it helps in replacing the lost minerals in the body while controlling diarrhea.

Anti-osteoporosis properties

High contents of minerals brings about numerous mangoesteen health benefits, as an effective remedy for treatment of osteoporosis as it prevents degeneration of the bones due to disease. This helps in eliminating the symptoms that are debilitating.

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