Mullein Oil for Dog Ear Infections

Treating Ear Infections in Dogs Simply with Mullein Oil


Most kinds of dog breeds have ears that make them extra prone to ear infections. Dogs that have exceptionally extra hairy ears and those who are allergic to a variety of things are more likely to constantly suffer from ear infections.


Dogs are prone to many types of infections all over the body but the ears are the most vulnerable as their ear canals are mostly vertical and this makes it easy for debris and moisture to enter and reside in the ear, leading to infections that vary in intensity.


Infections in dogs happen mostly due to bacteria and yeast and canine ear infections are highly common in dogs.

It is easy to find out if your dog is suffering from ear infections or not. Clocking your dog’s gestures and way of behavior will help you with this. We have listed below certain symptoms of ear infections in dogs:

  • You will notice your dog increasingly itching and scratching its ear or the area around its ear. It may even try to rub its ears over the floor or furniture.
  • Intense infections can cause brown, yellow or bloody discharge from the ears.
  • Even mild infections cause swelling and redness in and around the ear.
  • Formation of irritating crusts or scabs in the ear.
  • Hearing loss and unusual eye movements is also caused due to ear infections.
  • Your dog may also try to find relief by shaking and tilting its head from side to side.

Mullein is a flower which is used a lot in medicine and in the flavoring of alcoholic beverages. The most common health problem that mullein helps with is lung and respiratory system related diseases. Mullein is known for treating ear infections in dogs. The scabs and rashes in and around the ear, caused due to infections can also be healed with the help of mullein. Applying mullein oil on the scabs and crusts on the dog’s ear will soothe the itching sensations and will heal the rashes in a short time.


Mullein Oil Remedy for Ear Infections in Dogs:


  1. 1 head of garlic cloves.
  2. 1 tablespoon of dried mullein leaves or flowers.
  3. 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.



  • On a double boiler, warm the oils and steep the garlic cloves in it. Keep the boiler on extremely slow heat.
  • Let it slowly cook for about 5 hours. Once cooked well, strain the mixture with the help of cheesecloth. Make sure there is no piece of garlic left in the infused blend.
  • Store the oil in a dropper bottle and use 2 drops in the infected ear about two times a day.

Your dog will feel relaxation immediately and the infection will be gone in a short time.

In order to avoid ear infections for your dog in the future, make sure you dry their ears well after they have a bath.


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