Periwinkle herb benefits


What is periwinkle herb?

Periwinkle is an herb. It is a native of West Indies, was first described in Madagascar. It was introduced in Europe in the mid 18th century. Now it is grown almost all over the world. A warm climate favors the growth of periwinkle. Its flower blossoms almost throughout the year if the weather is ideal. The tiny plant has lavender like flower dark green leaves which have the amazing properties that can cure many chronic diseases like cancer. Periwinkle herb has been used as a medicine for a long time. Ancient Ayurvedic medicine has used both the leaves and flowers also Ancient Chinese medicine has used the extract of the plant for diseases like malaria, leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease.


Health benefits of periwinkle herb

Periwinkle has proven to magically improve memory as it has a chemical called vincamine, which improves brain health, improves blood flow in the brain, prevents pre mature aging of brain cells, improves short term memory loss and also manages and helps Alzheimer’s disease.

Periwinkle is also a well-known natural remedy for diabetes. It also controls the fluctuating sugar level in the blood. Periwinkle is also used for vertigo, head aches, chest pain, tooth ache, sore throat as it works as a pain killer and is also a laxative which makes it a good cure for piles. It also keeps high blood pressure in control menstrual flow and bleeding gums.

Other useful benefits include strengthening the immune system, blood purification, and relief with edema. Its also soothes intestinal and gastric pains, and helps control vaginal discharge.


How to consume this herb to benefit from it?

The most common method of consuming this herb safely is periwinkle tea. People use it widely on a daily basis because it increases blood flow to the brain, sharpens the mind and improves memory. There are some Ayurvedic remedies of periwinkle herb, which can be consumed, safely for a number of benefits.

A popular remedy for curing diabetes is to blend the following ingredients for a smoothie:

  1. Bitter gourd
  2. 1 Cucumber
  3. 1 Tomato
  4. 5-6-periwinkle flower or leaves
  5. 5-6 Indian gooseberry leaves.

This drink will additionally detoxify the body and cure any kidney diseases. For a wasp sting apply the juice of the flower directly on the affected area. The flowers and leaves can be dried, powdered and stored to consume on a daily basis. Just add a teaspoon of this powder to any fruit juice or smoothie to benefit from all of its natural healing properties. A periwinkle concoction is also widely consumed. It is believed that a concoction of the periwinkle leaves can effectively treat sore throats, tonsils and lungs congestion.  It also regulates the oxygen and flow of blood in the body. This concoction even helps with depression, headaches, weakness and temporary memory loss. It is recommended to consult a doctor before using a periwinkle concoction specially those who suffer from liver, kidney or lungs complications. Most common side effects of periwinkle are nausea and hair loss.

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