Pomegranate juice for diabetes

“Pomegranate juice for diabetes” is necessary because it is more beneficial than other fruit juices. It contains various nutrients, several vitamins, and minerals that can help to reduce the increasing sugar level and keep it in a balanced position. So, for diabetic patients pomegranate juice is helpful.


Pomegranate juice is delicious and sweet food drink and can be made quickly. Pomegranate juice contains a high level of antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin B5 and helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol and can lower the risk of kidney problems. Its antioxidants include polyphenol, tannins, etc. That’s why it is so efficient and powerful. A fresh pomegranate juice is very easy to make, and it takes few minutes to prepare. Let’s see the making procedure of a fresh pomegranate juice:

1) Firstly, we should wash the pomegranate and cut from the upper portion to remove that top flower type part. Now we should make two halves of the fruit to remove the seeds.

2) After taking seeds, we should put these seeds into a blender jar and add ½ cup of water.

3) Now we should continue to pulse it to prepare a juice by breaking the outer parts of the seeds.

4) Now taking a bowl and keep a strainer on it, now we can separate the seeds part from the juice using the strainer.

5) Using a spoon, we can press some pulp, and get rid of the remaining pulp.

6) Now the juice is ready to serve, and we should serve it immediately to get more nutrients and vitamins.


Diabetes is a chronic disease, and it occurs when sugar or glucose level in blood becomes high. In that condition, the pancreas produces insulin that can reduce blood sugar.

There are two types of diabetes: 1) Type 1

And 2) Type 2

Type 1diabetes can be lowered by taking insulin, regular exercise or diabetic diet.

Type 2diabetes can be lowered by regular exercise, weight reduction, and proper diet,


1) Increased urine output

2) Thirst,

3) Hunger

4) Weight loss,

5) Fatigue,

6) Yeast infections, etc.

Depending upon the symptoms, a diabetic patient can easily detect that his blood sugar becomes high, and he has to take proper care for it.


“Pomegranate juice for diabetes” is helpful because it has natural sugar that is not harmful and it helps to reduce the rising of blood sugar level. It has various powerful and effective antioxidants and has some fibers. Fiber decreases the effect of sugar in pomegranate and without sugar, the pomegranate juice will be very useful for diabetic patients because it will suddenly increase the antioxidant value that can help to reduce sugar level in diabetic patients. Pomegranate juice has a high amount of flavonoids, polyphenol and powerful antioxidants that contribute to reducing heart disease and cancer.


From the above article, we have understood that Pomegranate juice for diabetes is necessary. So, we should take proper juice regularly to reduce sugar level in blood. It has antioxidant value so that it can reduce the blood sugar level. So, we should take pomegranate juice regularly.

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