Prickly Pear Juice Health Benefits


prickleypearjuicebenefitsPrickly Pear Juice Health Benefits

Prickly pear is the commonly found cactus plant that is largely found in the regions of South America in the Central Mexican region. This is considered as a part of diet in the Mexican areas where it is being cultivated on commercial level.

This cactus plant has thrones on its body and is used for eating after removing the outer shell. The inner flaccid art is considered as edible part.  While consuming it must be kept in mind that the young or tender part is used only and the older plants are avoided as they are too hard.

This plant is also having different medicinal qualities that add to its value proposition. It’s juice is quite popular and is known for different medicinal and health benefits that it imparts on regular usage.
It is largely cultivated on commercial level to fulfill the demands for increasing production of juices, jellies, tea, candies and beverages derived from this plant.

It is quite useful in treating conditions like as of burn and heat pricks due to high temperature. This is being used as a part of folk medicines from ancient times by people of Mexican regions. It is used as medicine for diabetes, inflammation, ulcers, and weight loss. These effects are not established on the basis of systematic researches but these are based on the prevailing usage and trends as per the folk users.


This is a cactus that is found in central Mexican region and is classified as a member of the family Cactaceae. It is in the genus optunia and is used mainly as a part of diet. The indian fig optunia (O. ficus-indica) is commonly used for dietary purpose. It consists of fat rounded platyclades that are placed oppositely with spines on its surface. Mexico is the largest producer of prickly pear.
The main nutrients found in prickly pear are pectin and fiber. Pectin is quite useful in treating ailments related to stomach disorders and intestinal cleansing. The other medicinal effects that are considered for usage of prickly pear is on cholesterol reduction, controlling diabetes type 2, hangover issues of alcohol consumption, Colitis, and diarrhea. These all medicinal properties are found to be present in prickly pear as diet or as juice.

Health benefits

Prickly pear Juice for Diabetes

It is found effective in lowering the blood sugar level. The biochemistry about this is yet to be established but the patients with type 2 diabetes can safely consume this. It is a also useful in reducing the oxidative stress caused by diabetic conditions.

Prickly pear Juice for Stomach related disorders

The most common use of the prickly pear juice is observed in treating various disorder that are related to stomach. It is rich in fiber and provides good source of roughage that helps in reliving the constipation. Apart the pectin present in it is quite effective in healing the ulcers of stomach lining. The other nutrients present in prickly pear juice are having anti spasmodic effects as well as prevents the condition of hyperacidity.

Prickly pear Juice for nutrition

It is quite rich in different protin and antioxidant substances that are useful in providing nutrition. A glass of prickly pear juice is supposed to provide excellent calorific values with minimal or almost null percent of fat content. This makes it suitable for weight loss diet plan. Along with this it is quite useful in reducing the stress caused due to higher temperature.

Prickly pear Juice for nervine tonic

The chemicals found in prickly pear juice are suppose to contain sedative effects. It is widely acclaimed for the refreshing qualities. It physiological effects are yet to be established but folk usage suggests it quality to improve energy and reduce mental stress.

Other uses

Prickly pear juice is an active part of the Mexican diet charts. It is widely used as drink and supplements meals as well as a independent beverage. This is quite used in different forms like as jellies, candies, and tea.


It is like the cactus that we have seen. The flaccid trunk with small and big spins in select areas. The main body is light green and flaccid with uneven shape. It is of medium height that is maximum up to four feet. There are various varieties but the optunia is the one that is used for dietary purpose.


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