Psoralea Seeds Health Benefits

Psoralea Seeds Health Benefits

Psoralea seeds are classified among traditional Chinese herbs with varying health benefits to the body. This plant has its origin in Asia and African regions such as South Africa. Alternative names of this plant depending on the region it is grown and used are Barachi, Bakuchi, Babachi or Bavacalu among others. This herb grows as a perennial plant hence producing fruits twice in a year. Psoralea plant thrives well in arid areas as it does not entirely depend on rainfall to produce. The plant bearing Psoralea seeds grows as big as two meters tall.

Psoralea seeds health benefits

Psoralea seeds are properties that lead to health and wellness to the body system through healing and prevention of diseases. The health benefits of the seeds include;

  • Inhibits development of cancerous cells

Consumption of seeds from psoralea plant inhibits development and spread of cancerous cells within the body system. The nutrients in the seeds possess anti-oxidant properties that eliminate and inhibit development of osteosarcoma cells and other types of cancer cells especially those associated with lung cancer.

  • Treatment of vitiligo

Vitiligo is a condition characterized by gross loss of skin pigmentation that leads to patches on the skin. The seeds contain psoralens which is a group of chemicals that acts on the skin retaining the natural pigmentation. Regular use of these seeds leads to elimination of the already formed skin patches resulting to an even skin pigmentation.

  • Treatment and prevention of infections

Seeds from psoralea plant have anti-microbial properties that eliminate disease causing micro-organisms. They have active anti-bacterial properties hence effective in treatment of bacterial infections within the body system.

  • Treatment of helminthes

Helminthes inhabits the digestive tract leading to digestive disorders while depriving the body necessary nutrients from the ingested food substances. The seeds contain anti-helmintic properties that kill the helminthes eliminating them from the body.

  • Dermatological effects

The seeds are a known natural remedy for treatment of skin conditions. The seeds clear the disease causing micro-organisms present on the skin. In this case, the seeds are effective in getting rid of rashes caused by infection, acne, pimples and spots present on the skin. It should be noted that the seeds are not a bleaching agent for the skin as they do not contain chemicals that can harm the skin.

  • Best for treatment of leprosy

Seeds from psoralea plant are popular for their successful treatment and management of leprosy.



  • Hormonal imbalance management

Psoralea seeds are effective in treatment of hormonal imbalances. The elements in the seeds stimulate the release of adequate hormones necessary for normal functioning of the body. These leads to hormonal balance in the body system hence health and wellness.

  • Treatment of anemia

Anemia is a condition caused by lack of adequate iron needed for production of red blood cells. Anemia limits transportation of oxygen especially to the brain leading to health complications. Seeds from psoralea plant are a rich source of iron to the body that helps in treatment of anemia.

  • Management of asthma

Consumption of these seeds leads to a relief of asthmatic attacks while preventing more attacks.

  • Hair conditions treatment

Psoralea seeds are known for their effective treatment of hair related conditions. The seeds are known for their action on the scalp that enhances hair growth. This eliminates baldness in both females and males. The elements present in the seeds are also known for scalp treatment that prevents dandruffs.

  • Anti-inflammation properties

These seeds have anti-inflammatory properties. This helps in preventing inflammation in the tissues hence eliminating pain. This makes the seeds to be grouped among the natural analgesics.

  • Prevents convulsion

These seeds contain elements that act on the central nervous system leading to a balance in the neurotransmitters. This makes it possible for the seeds to prevent occurrence of conversions especially in those suffering from epilepsy among other convulsive disorders.

  • Treatment of scabies

These seeds are used to produce tonic essential for skin treatment. This tonic is highly effective for the treatment of scabies leaving the skin healthy and smooth.

  • Anti-allergy

Psoralea seeds are effective in alleviating the symptoms related to allergy. The seeds are a natural therapy for the allergy affecting the respiratory system characterized by sneezing, running nose and coughing. In addition, the tonic produced using the seeds is essential in alleviating symptoms of skin allergy.

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