Sacha Jergon Benefits

Also known as, the Inca Nuts, the Sacha Inchi nuts are relatively a new nut originating from South America. They are great for nice looking skin and hair, cardiovascular health, mood enhancement, weight loss and they as well lower cholesterol. Besides those, they are active anti-inflammatory agents. The fact that they also taste great cannot be bypassed.


Where They Grow – They happen to inhabit the rain forests of Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru. Some people refer to them as the Peruvian super food.


Food Source – For over 3000 years, the Sacha Inchi seeds have been used as food. The fruits, however, are not edible, but the seeds are far too tasty and have many health benefits to the body.


Health benefits


Tryptophan, a protein responsible for more production of serotonin by the brain, is abundant in the Sacha Inchi seeds. Serotonin is key in healing insomnia and providing a peaceful feeling.


Weight Loss

Because it helps to create more serotonin, it as well suppresses the food cravings lowering appetite.


Lowers Trigs and Cholesterol

Consuming Sacha Inchi seeds is a great way to reduce the cholesterol levels, specifically the bad cholesterol or the LDL. It also comes in handy in increasing the levels of HDL or rather the good cholesterol, helping lower triglycerides.


Lowers Blood Pressure

Sacha Inchi seeds reduce blood pressure levels coming in handy in this modern age and day of high blood pressure.


Eye Health

The oils and seeds of the Sacha Inchi are great for preventing muscular degeneration and promoting a healthy eye.



A dry, wrinkled skin and the aging process are prevented and slowed down by the Sacha Inchi seeds and oil.


Lots of Protein –

The seeds of the Sacha Inchi plant contain about 9 grams of plant protein, which happens to be a very high amount for the food-based plant. This makes it an important aspect for vegans and vegetarians.



The seeds of the Sacha Inchi possess agents that assist in neutralizing inflammation helping curb cardiovascular infections, arthritis, cancer, and strokes. Inflammation of the brain, which causes fatigue, is also lowered helping surprises memory problems and depression.



The seeds contain high fiber levels providing a great environment for probiotic Bactria growth in the gut. This boosts the immune system


Lots of Omega 9, 6 and 3 Oils

These oils are a great component in creating cardiovascular health and decreasing inflammation. Research has it that it is the greatest source of the omega oils as no other food beats it.


Lowers Blood Sugar – T

The abundance of the omega three oils in the Sacha Inchi seeds is responsible for the lowered blood sugar levels


These benefits can be scientifically associated with the Sacha Jegorn Benefits. In as much as these benefits spread across a vast network of individuals and locations, you can easily find great relaxation. Make your health a priority, and try utilizing this product to discover the evolution. Therefore, feel free to try it and enjoy the numerous benefits of Sacha Jergon.

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