One of the most widely used herb and natural medicine for the treatment of BPH, is the Saw Palmetto. Studies have shown that this wonder plant has the ability to properly heal a patient suffering from this medical disorder.

What is BPH?

BPH is an abbreviation of the words benign prostatic hyperplasia and sometimes referred to as benign prostatic hypertrophy. This is a health disorder which enlarges the prostate gland. The urethra which is a tube that carries urine away from the body through the bladder is surrounded by the prostate gland. As the prostate gland gets bigger, it sometimes squeezes thereby partly blocking the urethra. This sometimes causes problems with urinating. BPH is common with men especially as they get older as it is one of the normal aging processes in men which are usually as a result of hormone balance and cell growth.

Some urinary problems caused by BPH

Here is a list of some of the urinary problems caused by BPH.

  • The patient finds it difficult in urinating.
  • Urine drips for sometime after the process of urinating have been completed.
  • Urge to always urinate.
  • A weak urine stream.
  • A feeling that your bladder is still filled even after empting it.
  • In few cases, BPH may cause the bladder to be blocked, making it impossible or extremely hard to urinate.

Saw Palmetto for BPH treatment

Saw Palmetto eliminates bph by inhibiting the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, also known as “DHT”. Extracts of saw palmetto have been scientifically and medically proven to be of very high health benefits. Saw palmetto contains lots of compounds which are of great health benefits, these compounds work on the body in a variety of different ways. It reduces DHT in the prostate, by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which can halt and reverse prostate growth. It also relaxes the muscles in the prostate and bladder which exerts pressure on the urethra thereby allowing the free flow of urine out of the bladder. Saw palmetto also reduces inflammation in the bladder and urethra, as well as elsewhere in the body. As earlier stated in the introductory part of this article, saw palmetto are widely used for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, in most cases it serves as an alternative to doctors. From a survey conducted in the United States of America in early 2002, about 1.1 percent of the adult population in the United States, which¬† approximates 2.5 million adults infected with bph, where reported to be using saw palmetto for their treatment.

Study and research conducted have found Saw Palmetto to be highly recommended in the treatment of BPH as it is said to relieve BPH symptoms just as effectively as Proscar, which is one of the most commonly-prescribed pharmaceutical drug for the treatment of BPH. Owing to its no side effects, most practicing medical practitioners prefer prescribing it to their patients suffering from bph. It may interest you to know that Proscar as well as other similar drugs used in the treatment of bph do have side effects which range from mild to quite severe.

Why not try treating that BPH in you with using some natural and more reliable herb.

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