“Senna tea for weight loss” is necessary because it is one type of laxative and it is FDA- approved. It grows in the Southeast United States. It is used for the treatment of constipation, bowel syndromes, and weight loss.  The leaves and flowers of Senna tree are used for medicine that can help to reduce weight. There are various types of products that are created from Senna, and these are Senna pills, capsules, powder, Senna tea, etc. Senna pills are necessary to remove the bowels of our body. Sometimes Senna leaves are used to prepare Senna tea that can be used for weight loss.


“Senna tea for weight loss” is essential. But it has some uses through which it is used for weight loss purposes.


1) Senna tea is used for the treatment of constipation. It is FDA approved. It will be more useful for treatment when it combines with psyllium or docusate sodium. For aged people, psyllium is more effective than lactulose. It is used for ongoing constipation.

2) Senna tea is used for bowel cleansing.  If Senna combines with polyethylene glycol, it will be more effective than polyethylene glycol alone. If we take a combination of Senna, sodium picosulfate, and polyethylene glycol, it will be more useful for bowel cleansing.

3) It can be used for losing weight.

So, these are the uses of Senna tea.


It will be unsafe when we take high doses of it because; high dosage of Senna tea can cause problems sometimes. If we regularly take or take more than two weeks, it will be dangerous for health. Long- term use of Senna tea causes muscle weakness, liver damage, and other harmful effects.


1) For constipation in aged people and children age 12 and above, the dose is 17.2 mg daily. We should not take 34.4 mg/day.

2) For constipation in children, the usual dosage is 8.5 mg.

3) For constipation in pregnant women, 28 mg in 2 separate doses is used.


“Senna tea for weight loss” is essential because it has low calorie and high fiber and it can increase fluids and electrolytes in the colon, which can soften stool and used for bowel cleansing. It has diuretic properties that can be utilized for cleansing excessive water and fluids from the body, which can lead to weight loss. Senna tea also improves digestion process; that clears the colon by flushing out waste from the body. So, Senna tea is essential for weight loss. By proper using of Senna tea can reduce weight. Short term use of Senna can transfer toxins and undigested food into the large intestine. After moving bowel get cleaned to absorb nutrients from new food.


From the above article, it is found that Senna tea for weight loss is necessary. The Proper amount of Senna tea is helpful for reducing excessive weight. It can develop the digestion process and immunity power in our body. So, we should take Senna tea regularly so that we can maintain our body properly.



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