Snowy Mespilus

Snowy Mespilus Fruits

Snow mespilus fruit is also known as Amelanchier fruit. The fruit is produced from a tree whose size is that of a shrub. The tree flowers during the spring season when it produces white flowers that matures into fruits that are usually red or purple in color. This tree thrives best in the northern hemisphere climate. Most of the species of this fruit are present in North America while isolated species can be traced in Asia and parts of Europe. In addition, the tree grows well in the lime, well drained and moist soil. The tree is not only grown for the purpose of bearing the fruits as it becomes a good fence that adds beauty in the compound. Also when planted within the compound the flowers provides a good landscape in the compound during spring while the fruits colors the compound during summer. The fruit matures and ripens during summer season when it turns to black-blue color. This makes the tree to be referred to as the Juneberry since the harvesting of the fruits is done during summer. The ripe fruit is palatable as it is sweet and tasty. +

Health benefits of the Snow mespillus fruit

The snow mespillus fruit has many health benefits as it has medicinal properties. They include;

  • Anti-worms- The fruit is a natural remedy for intestinal worms as it eliminates them leading to health and wellness.
  • Anti-diahorrhea- Boiling this fruit and drinking the juice helps in stopping the diarrhea.
  • Menstrual issues- This fruit is an effective natural remedy for various menstrual issues. It eliminates painful cramps while reducing the heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Miscarriage- Miscarriage happens mostly after an injury. This can be prevented by eating the fruit or drinking the juice derived from it.
  • Disinfectant- The juice of the fruit works well as a disinfectant. When eaten, it eliminates disease causing pathogens present in the body.

How to consume the fruit

The Snow Mespilus fruit can be consumed in different ways that includes;

  • It can be eaten when raw as it is sweet with apple like flavor.
  • The fruit can be sliced into pieces and used in the pies.
  • When dried, it is used as raisins.
  • The fruit can be boiled or cooked and eaten warm.
  • It can be boiled making juice which is drunk directly or prepared as tea.
  • The fruit can be smashed and used as a flavor to different food substances such as cakes.
  • The seeds of the fruits are useful in adding flavor to snacks.

Nutrients present in the fruit

The nutrients components present in the fruit helps in providing the required health benefits in the body for general wellness. Here are the components found in the fruit;

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Vitamin C

Storage of the fruit

This fruit is perishable once ripe. The fact that it ripens during summer season when the weather is hot hence accelerating the ripening process. In this case, it is advisable to store the half ripe snowy mespilus fruits in the room temperature but keeping them under refrigeration once ripe.

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