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wampee fruitBenefits of Wampee Fruit

The Wampee fruit originated from China. It is produced by a tree that grows fast when exposed to the right sub-tropical or tropical climate. The tree’s growth is not affected by high temperatures as long as they are not longstanding. During the dry seasons, watering the plant while making a good drainage helps the tree to grow and bear fruits. In addition, the tree grows well when planted in rich loam soil though it does well in deep sand and olitic limestone. Due to these requirements, the tree thrives well in Southern China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Florida, India, Philippines and Hawaii. The tree has leaves that re grey-brown in color and are rough on touch. The branches are highly flexible but not weak. The fruits are orange-yellow in color and when ripe it turns to grayish-yellow while assuming an apple like shape.

The fruiting season for Wampee fruit depends on the region it is growing in. In this case, it ripens between November and December in Queensland region, July-August in Florida and in Asian region between June and October. It takes the tree about 5-8 years after the seedlings are planted to bear fruits. The tree can grow from its own seeds where a pure bleed is achieved or grafted with the grapefruit. The grafted species of the tree helps in providing fruits that are a rich source of essential oils.

Health Benefits of Wampee fruits

The Wampee fruits have the following health benefits;

  • Hair care- The extracts from this fruit tree is essential in eliminating dandruff when used in washing the hair. It also helps in preventing in enriching the color of the hair.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties- The fruit helps in preventing swelling and reaction of the body towards different pathogens and allergens that leads to inflammation.
  • The fruit helps in curing Parkinson disease due to presence of flavaoid extracts.
  • Cure cancer- The Wampee fruit helps in the treatment of cancer as its peels have anti- cancerous properties that stop the cancer cells from thriving and spreading.
  • Treatment of diabetes
  • Treatment of bronchitis and other respiratory related illnesses such coughs.
  • The fruit is effective in treatment of different types of hepatitis.

Nutritional facts of Wampee fruit

The Wampee fruit is rich in the following nutrients;

  • Ascorbic acid
  • Vitamin C

How to eat Wampee fruit

This fruit can be consumed in different ways that include;

  • The pulp– The seeded pulp can be put in the gelatins and desserts.
  • As jam- The fruit can be used in making the jam, pie and marmalade.
  • Food flavor– The fruit is used in adding flavor in the food substances such as the meat.
  • Beverages- The fruit is essential in making of carbonated drinks that are derived when the fruit juice is fermented by the use of sugar. The fresh juice can be squeezed out and mixed with hot water to make tea or added into any other warm beverage.



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