white peony root extract

What are White Peonies?

Peonies  have been used since 900 BC in China. It’s one of the oldest natural remedies used in traditional Chinese medicine. White Peonies are a white flower with a nice fragrance. The root of the white peonies is used in natural remedies to treat such as pain, colds  injuries, pregnancy,  and night sweats. The white peonies can be found all over China. It’s commonly called the “most beautiful flower”

How does the White Peony  look?

The Peonnie actually comes in a variety of colors. They range from light pink to a dark brown. This article address the specific benefits of the white peony root flower though. The white peony is a large white flower with curved petals. Sometimes the white flower might have a yellowish color in the middle.

White Peonies root extract: The Benefits

The white peony root  is an extract from the  flower.  The extract from the white flower is made into various products such as such as tea, powder extract, and capsules. The white Peonies root extract has many health benefits. This article will discuss the benefits of white peonies in detail

Heals Various Blood related conditions

White Peony root extract can treated various blood related conditions. A research study concluded that peony contains 18 active agents that are responsible for promoting healthy blood circulation and which prevents certain cardiovascular health issues. You can also use white peony root extract to treat conditions such as bleeding wounds, nosebleeds or general bleeding.

Some of these agents that give white peony it’s blood protection are:

  • paeoniflorin
  • catechin
  • galloylpaeoniflorin
  • paeonol

Female health related issues

You already know white peony root extract is used to treat conditions relating to the blood. However, white peony is incredibly useful for treating female problem such as having an irregular menstrual cycle. In traditional Chinese medicine, white peony  is commonly used to treat women who have excessive menstrual bleeding and painful menstruation cramps.


White peony root extract promotes healthy kidney function.  White peony root extract contains an antioxidant which allows for a decrease in urinary albumin content in the kidneys. Urinary albumin is a toxin which allows for poor kidney health. In some studies, subjects who had taken the root extract for a period of time shown signs of improvement in kidney function.

Liver Support

White peony root extract contains an antioxidant called  paeoniflorin. Paeoniflorin protects the liver against inflammation and  prevents other uncessary liver stress. White peony extract can be used to treat various liver conditions. This includes cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Other Health Related Benefits of White Peony Root extract:

White Peony can be used to treat various other health related conditions these include:

  • hypertension
  • chest pain
  • muscle cramping
  • reduce pain
  • spasms
  • swelling
  • fever
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • support healthy joint function
  • inflammation
  • include memory improvement

Safety of The Extract

In generally white peony root extract is safe. However, there are some common symptoms which have been reported such as loose stool. There were no other medical issues that have been reported from the use of white peony root extract.


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